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Generally speaking, the paper "Al Wahda Master Development" is a great example of a management case study.   Located right at the heart of Abu Dhabi City, Al Wahda Master Development is one of the largest business and shopping paradise not just in Abu Dhabi, but in the entire United Arabs Emirates (UAE). The building hosts a five-star hotel with 850 rooms and apartments, has more than 400 shops, leasable office spaces, and residential apartments and is also the home to Al Wahda Football Club (APM 2013, p. 1). The project whose construction works began in 2005 was successfully completed in 2012 making it one of the most important projects in Abu Dhabi.

The project was planned and implemented under the guidance of EC Harris, which is a leading consultancy firm in the region (Broomhall 2011). This project became such a big success because of effective project management that comprised of effective planning, careful coordination and management of resources and people by EC Harris. This paper analyzes how EC Harris managed to achieve its goal of building Al Wahda Master Development by looking at the success factors. Effective Project Planning Analysis of the project indicates that EC Harris was able to successfully construct the Al Wahda Master Development project because of effective project management.

Portny (2013, p. 29) argues that, for any project to be successful, it must be properly managed to ensure that any risks involved are identified and eliminated before it impacts negatively on the project. EC Harris’ success in implementing the project began with good planning. Thomsett (2009, p. 72) argues that planning forms the first and most critical stage in any project management because all the other stages of a project depend on the planning stage.

This implies that, when a project effectively is done, chances are that the other phases would also be successfully executed. Project planning involves coming up with a master plan about the organization, project team composition, and the resource requirement for the successful completion of the project (APM 2013, p. 1). Effective Project Team Management Harris managed to deliver the Al Wahda project successfully because it began by ensuring that the project had the right manpower to deliver the project.

To deliver such a mega project, EC Harris had to ensure that the project had a team of qualified engineers and architectures to come up with the master plan for the project and to ensure that the construction work is performed in the most efficient manner (APM 2013, p. 2). Other than hiring the best engineers and architects to deliver the project, EC Harris also ensured that human resources are effectively managed considering that project was being delivered by an international project team comprising of people from different nationalities.

Portny (2013, p. 61) indicates that the project team assembled by EC Harris comprised of people from different nationalities and cultures, including Americans, Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Portuguese and Italians among others. In total, the project had people from 31 different nationalities (APM 2013, p. 2). Working with a diverse team that is highly motivated and willing to multi-task in their roles was a critical factor in project management that ensured that EC Harris achieves his goal of ensuring successful implementation of the project.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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