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The paper 'Al Ain Dairy' is a perfect example of a Macro and Microeconomics Assignment.   Al Ain Dairy is a market leader in the cow and camel milk industry, the juice, and the dessert industries (Balakrishnan, 2011). The management of the supply and demand forces depends on the evolution of the market nature with regard to the geographical scope. Furthermore, it depends on the perspective changes expected within the market shortly. Arguably, each product category is under the influence of demand and supply factors. For instance, the milk demand schedule is different from that of juice (Guide, Teunter& Wassenhove, 2003).

The affirmed consistency in juice demand and supply in the United Arab Emirates is associated with the affiliate factors that influence the consumers to respond to the product’ s availability in the market holding all other factors constant(Balakrishnan, 2011). One factor is that of climatic seasons that are mandatory across the operational year. The Al Ain Dairy is subject to forces created by the changes in seasons. For instance, during the summer seasons, the volume consumed increases in a substantial amount. However, during the cold seasons, the volume of milk consumed reduces slightly.

Accordingly, the demand for the milk product influences the behavioral approach of the production of the milk product during these seasons (Guide, Teunter& Wassenhove, 2003). For instance, summer seasons in the United Arab Emirates are usually soaring compelling the company to focus more on daily productions. Unfortunately, this demand for the product is not satisfied since cows reduce their productivity during this period. Therefore, Al Ain Dairy products have to be increased to facilitate enough supply of the raw material. The issue of religion is also another facilitating factor with regard to the demand and supply of the products.

For instance, the season of Ramadan affects the demand for the products. The season demands that Muslims should fast (Balakrishnan, 2011). The Muslims are obliged not to eat anything until it is dusk. The initial weeks incorporate a high level of demand for milk. The dairy products including yogurt and Laban are in consistent demand. Therefore, the company has to ensure that it satisfies the demand by adequate product supply.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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