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The paper "Brand Identity of Alfred Dunhill Ltd" is a great example of a marketing case study.   The dream of Alfred Dunhill became a reality when he envisioned an exotic line up of goods for men by creating a brand that was both rich and complex. Alfred Dunhill was one of the most quintessential English investors who founded the ‘ Dunhill’ company more than a hundred years ago after the inheritance of his father’ s saddlery business in London. The centrifugal point around which this massive business unit revolved was innovative crafting, high quality and exquisitely designed clothing and accessories to match the tastes of perfect gentlemen.

Alfred himself was a very talented person obsessed with an eye for detail and designs of the highest quality. This paper is going to talk about the Dunhill establishment keeping its goals and aims in mind. It is also going to discuss brand identities in relation to consumers and consumer products. The paper will also discuss a bit of Dunhill’ s history and how the company is relevant even in today’ s market by the introduction of innovative products to suit the modern consumer. Dunhill… 2 1.

Question – Brand Identity Alfred Dunhill’ s British based company incorporated a contemporary attitude and an Englishness which he infused into every product that he designed. All his creations were made with such ingenuity and honesty that they were easily accepted both regionally as well as internationally. Every product was fashioned in such a way so as to cater to the masculinity of gentlemen with good taste. All his products possessed a unique quality of its own and at the same time had much ‘ more than meets the eye. ’ Products at Dunhill range from clothes, fragrances, products of skincare and makeup, gift articles, leather goods, writing implements, eyewear, timepieces and a lot of other accessories. The brand identity of all the products is emphasized through colorful and expressive logos, intelligent and catchy taglines and a very sensible display of all their goods which never fails to catch the eye of an avid consumer.

In addition to all this, Dunhill paid great attention to the requirements of the consumers and patrons and catered to them with sincere dedication and manufacturing precision.

Maintaining a good company’ s brand identity is by no means an easy task. Dunhill was quite famous for the fact that innovation together with stylistic simplicity was the basis that helped them maintain the brand identity of all the products. Dunhill was very well aware of the fact that times change and so do Dunhill… 3 tastes and requirements of people. Hence, a lot of time and money was spent on keeping up with the changing times. In a recent interview, Vincent Robin, the president and CEO of Alfred Dunhill North America Ltd. , spoke of the marketing success of the company stating that "We just have to be gutsy and break the rules.

We have to put our products in the hands of young people. ” (Daily News-Record, 1999) A brand identity was the core of Dunhill’ s success and this was maintained by taking all the practical considerations of the product and consumer into account and creating a unique and inspired product that was not only admired but highly satisfying to the customer. A good example of such a product is the ‘ Sentryman Explorer’ fountain which was a limited edition and specially made for explorers.

The pen had a strong but light body made of red anodized aluminum which lent an element of masculinity and could be easily spotted if it got misplaced. The nibs were easily interchangeable and the pen had a carabiner clip which was a protective clasp.


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Palmieri, Jean E. (1999) Daily News Record. King of the Dunhill; Vincent robin, Alfred Dunhill’s new CEO, isn’t afraid to break the rules.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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