Essays on In-Store Reward Program Implementation in Allmart Case Study

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The paper 'In-Store Reward Program Implementation in Allmart" is a perfect example of a management case study. This document is meant to act as a guide for the implementation of a loyalty programme where apart from accumulating points on their loyalty cards, they will receive random prizes while in the store. It provides an explanation of the rationale as well as the context in which the project will be implemented. Business and Policy Context Allmart is a supermarket that deals in fast-moving consumer goods, an area that is fairly crowded, in this market.

Pricing the goods in a customer-friendly way, is not, alone enough to ensure that customers keep coming back. It is this realization that informs loyalty programs. Currently, Allmart has a loyalty scheme that is based on the purchases bought by the customer. It is however imperative to ensure that customers not only make big purchases but also come to the store often. This can be ensured by offering random rewards for customers who are in the store at any time. This is why the random reward project is necessary. This project and the results thereof are an important part of the company’ s strategic goals of becoming the biggest retail store in the country.

The link between this project and the said strategic goals will be established in this proposal in order to make it clear. This proposal will also develop a budget that will be used to make important decisions, many of which will definitely be based on the cost of the project as proposed. A decision may be made to implement the project in phases, implement it at once or scrape parts of the project.

Once the document has been prepared, it is the instrument that will be used to sell the idea of the project to senior management in order for funds and other resources to be availed for the success of the entire project. It is imperative to note that while reward schemes are an important factor in customer loyalty, they have to be implemented along with other measures, including measures aimed at boosting product quality, better training for staff, including service managers, better store design, etc.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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