Essays on American Literature Book Report/Review

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WELL-LIVED LIFE Insert Individual character perspective of a well lived life Charlie Wales is of the view that humility is fundamental to life. This is confirmed after Alix congratulates him just as he remarks that he has changed from his old days’ stiff stand. It also appears that despite being very rich it would take wisdom to pinpoint it. Honoria Wales. Marion Peters observes a life worthy the moment we get considerate. This is backed by the fact that she so understands to Charlie who is quite uncomfortable. He is worried of what she thinks but contrary to this she is intact an unperturbed.

Lincoln Peters scores in his wit. He talks less and when he does so, he is always commenting on a complementing remark. He is able to break the silence in the air in the event that Charlie and Marion are quieted by their encounter. He is generally soft spoken. Elsie believes in achievement in the long run effect since she is academically ranked neither at the top nor the bottom list. Richard Peters on the contrary has one major barrier which is associated to his schooling since he appears last. In my case one of the major barriers is brought about by peoples’ influence.

I can easily be swayed by people’s opinions. If they are negative I am most often withdrawn from my course, regardless of any prior beliefs I may have shown. Consequentially this has never allowed me to set nor attain my own objectives in life. This barrier occurs most often when I seek the consent of my friends in anything I am about to do.

I think to remedy the situation I must identify with friends who regard my worth contrary to those who rubbish my course. I must also inculcate in me a culture of independence in order to achieve my life goals. The bible addresses the issue of barriers by suggesting faith and commitment to prayers. As a Christian one has to constantly believe and pledge allegiance to the power of the creator. My barrier can be remedied biblically. This is justified in the book of Romans 4:20 that goes: “He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, ”ReferenceScott Fitzgerald, F.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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