Essays on American Models Of Fire Service Provision Case Study

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Case Study (Management)7 April 2008 American Model of Fire Service Provision To any avid fan of nature oriented channels like Discovery or the National Geographic, the thing that seems to be most evident in a majority of the documentaries is that animals always act in a team. It is not that the animal world is devoid of negative feelings like aggression or anger. Still over the ages, animals have raised the standards of sophistication of their team approach to the level where every member gets ample opportunities to give vent to all types of feelings in a collective scenario.

In fact our entire ecological system is a big team effort in itself. The change of seasons, the flowering of plants, the mating of animals, the migration of birds, the flooding of rivers, and a thousand such phenomenon, though appearing isolated are infact intricately related to each other. Humans and hero worship We as humans have got used to associating achievement and success with a few gifted individuals. Till now, the human civilization has overwhelmingly laid emphasis on winning, being a hero, and coming out on top.

A majority of people and organisations still pathetically hold on to the fact that a great outcome in any difficult scenario is always dependent on the performance of a few exceptional individuals. People are always looking out for a hero to provide them with a vision and leadership. Though being an outdated concept, ‘hero worship’ still seems to be the most preferred option for a number of individuals and groups. Contemporary work scenario Operating in the contemporary global arena is all about specialization and delegation.

The existing corporate scenario is not so simple that it can be run by a few talented individuals only. Today, no person can claim to be a ‘Mr. know it all’. The modern work culture demands that organizations and institutions should strive for a high level of collective achievement rather then opting for individual perfection. Most of the current enterprises are knowledge based and demand the services of individuals belonging to diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Teams comprising of dedicated individuals having a variety of skills do always have a better chance of achieving a goal.

The 21st century is not about hero worship. Team work, cooperation and collaboration are the need of the hour. U.S. Fire Administration U. S. Fire Administration is a massive organisational juggernaut. Its mission is to reduce the loss of life and money due to fire and other related activities (USFA). To achieve such a daunting mission, the attributes that USFA relies on are leadership, advocacy, coordination and support. USFA works in cooperation with other Federal Agencies and participates in and support the activities of community related fire prevention and emergency services.

Aspiring for a fire safe America is a demanding job and requires ample coordination and cooperation between related agencies and groups. Being responsible for fire services provisions is a risky job and necessitates close cooperation between all the concerned individuals and groups. The USFA intends to safeguard the communities and citizens against fire through data collection, public education, research and training efforts. This certainly calls for excellent team work abilities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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