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The paper "The Broadway Musical" is a great example of an essay on visual arts and film studies. The Broadway Musical has been a venue to showcase the most elaborately designed musical shows since 1949. Most shows were based on literary classics which were put to live and viewed by a wider range of audiences, such as the famous Phantom of the Opera, Peter Pan, The Lion King, among others. The Harry Potter series could have the potentials to be made into a musical opera due to its appeal to the audience, especially the young generation, and the diversely interesting plots contained therein. One of my most favorite Broadway Musical is Miss Saigon, shown in 1991 about the story of an American soldier, Chris (Jonathan Pryce) who married a Vietnamese, Kim (Lea Salonga) but had to go back to the United States.

He eventually married an American and forgot about Kim. The story evolved as Chris found out that Kim is still alive and taking care of their son in Saigon in the middle of a war. The talent and commitment of the singers enabled them to garner the Tony Awards for Best Actor and Best Actress awards in a Musical.

The show was just magnificent and memorable. Other than entertaining, the Broadway Musical highlights the best performers in the field of music and acknowledges them through awards and merits that make them known the whole world over. In this regard, the West Side Story became one of the most successful Broadway shows of all time due to the beautiful and timelessness of the songs in the play, coupled with innovative dances, and the timelessness of the message: being an adaptation of the famous Romeo and Juliet.

Audiences from generation to generation continue to be inspired by the songs sung in this Broadway Musical and have transformed the lives of many through the expression of various emotions depicted in West Side Story. There is this feeling of elation and extreme joy as the audience gets the chance to see any of the Broadway Musicals since the inception until contemporary times.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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