Essays on The Ominous Employee Free Choice Act Essay

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The paper "The Ominous Employee Free Choice Act" is a delightful example of an essay on human resources. The Employee Free Choice Act was a legislative bill that sought to amend the National Labor Relations Act and provide an efficient system to operate in labor unions and facilitate binding injunctions that fight unjust labor practices. Even so, a myriad of challenges stops the adequate implementation of the Act, including a Republican obstruction in the Senate (Epstein 48). The Act does not go far enough because it fails to serve and protect workers, owing to associated blockades.

Forming a union is still a herculean task for several American workers. Additionally, employers are spending billions to ensure the Act is not enforced. Wage theft, in the form of payment below the minimum wage (Epstein 54), and unpaid money for overtime, is still rampant in America. I would not change the current law and the proposed EFCA legislation because of its associated benefits to employers, employees, and the economy. Unions encourage a competitive high-wage, a high-productivity financial system that perks up wages, benefits, and working conditions.

I would recommend stronger enforcement of existing law in terms of economic justice for workers. There should be consequences for breaking the existing rules. The law is inadequate, although rules exist concerning workplace safety and wage theft. I recommend The Labor Reform Act of 1977, which sought to remove the obstruction from employers to unions’ development in the place of work. Employer obstruction is a major impediment to the success of workers’ unions because they still maintain nearly absolute control. The law is beneficial because it enhances the freedom of speech of workers through a union.

To realize any success, a law that impedes obstruction of employers is necessary.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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