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The paper "Advertisement Campaign of Dolce and Gabbana" is a good example of a marketing case study.   The advert that is analyzed in this document belongs to a beauty company, Dolce and Gabbana. This commercial ad features common faces in Hollywood movies. These personalities are Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey. The ad is meant specifically for the company’ s new fragrant known as ‘ The One and The One for Men’ . The selection of the two characters in itself communicates a lot. Johansson has had a continued relationship with D& G and this is not the first ad the beauty queen has featured.

The combination of the two characters is almost mind-blowing. The reaction of the consumers of the perfume and the fans of the two celebrities points to the exceptional reception of the ad. Many factors can be attributed to this status. First, Johansson has been voted as the sexiest woman alive for two times. This means that her beauty is indeed amazing. On the other hand, Matthew, who is now 44, has had an amazing acting career. In the video, there is an element of attraction between Johansson and Matthew.

Matthew is seen to comment on Johansson’ s dress and that seems to be the ultimate point of connection. In this ad, inasmuch as the element of romance is evident, it cannot be compared to other ads that have been aired by the same company in relation to the perfume products. For instance, the company’ s Light Blue fragrance is more romantic as compared to the ‘ The One and The One for Men’ perfume. In the Light Blue perfume, the characters are seen kissing passionately. Moreover, the setting also depicts an element of romance.

The two spot one another while at the beach. The girl in bikini and the man as well in some sexy pants are seen to attract each on the first sight. There is a message that the company is trying to link the perfume with romance. It seems stronger than that of the earlier perfume. This is mainly because the target customers for the two perfumes are not the same. For the romantic ad, it is easier to target women.

It suits more to women as opposed to men. On the contrary, ‘ The One and The One for Men’ Perfume seems to target more working-class men. There is an element of being in an official setting of some kind. The dressing of both Matthew and Johansson both communicates this quite well. The selection of the setting for the ad seems to have hit on the point. The ad was shot in New York City. Target Audience Just like any other commercial product, this ad has a specific target audience that is meant for. To begin with, this perfume that is being promoted is meant for men.

From the content of the ad, the advertiser emphasizes some of the kind of power that men possess when they use this perfume. This is communicated in the manner in which the man seems to attract the woman. The message is successfully passed across through the use of the video. The car that the man is using also tells something about romantic settings. At the end of it, men are targeted by this advert. It aligns well with the perfume which has been designed mainly for men.

The advert targets a very wide segment of consumers. This ad has featured on international TV channels and this means that the ad targets customers from all over the world. Similarly, since the advert is easily available on YouTube, it can be accessed easily around the globe. At the same time, D& G is a multinational company and therefore such products have been designed to target consumers even beyond the borders.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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