Essays on Analysis of Domain Name Theory - VeriSign Inc Case Study

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The paper "Analysis of Domain Name Theory - VeriSign Inc" is a perfect example of a business case study. Domain Name Industries such as VeriSign Inc. are an important constituent of any country. They ensure the survival of the entire society and bring about economic growth. They allow the provision of basic needs as well as luxuries for the entire society. Technological development has enabled the industrial growth and proliferation of domain name industries in the entire continent and thus these industries have continued to have a growing economic impact on many countries.

Developed countries and organization such as the European Union have their own Top Levels domains such as. ru(Russia) and. eu (European Union). VeriSign is a very crucial component of the Domain Name Industry and position the sales to the customers and also create growth and drive demand opportunities. VeriSign registry manufactures and sells domain; the domain develops technologies and tools that benefit the industry and boost the adoption of domain names. Introduction VeriSign, Inc (Nasdaq: VRSN) is an American based company that is based in Virginia. The company operates a wide range of network infrastructure such as. net, .com, .tv, .cc and name; these are some of the standard top-level domains.

The company also operates internet too name servers and offers a wide range of security services such as digital certificates. Trust seals and two-factor authentication or PKI. All these functions are grouped by the company under the ‘ trusted internet infrastructure’ banner services. Generally, VeriSign is the authoritative registry of all. com, .net, .name, .cc, and. tv domain names and provides registry services for a wide range of additional domain names.

The industry plays a very critical role in the infrastructure of internet DNS as it is the registry operator of the two most significant top-level domains. It is also the registry operator that is contracted for top-level domains that are country coded such as. tv(Tuvalu) and. cc for Cocos Islands.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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