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AbstractDomain Name Industries such as VeriSign Inc. are an important constituent of any country. They ensure survival of the entire society and bring about economic growth. They allow provision of basic needs as well as luxuries for the entire society. Technological development has enabled the industrial growth and proliferation of domain name industries in the entire continent and thus these industries have continued to have a growing economic impact on many countries. Developed countries and organization such as European Union have their own Top Level domains such as. ru(Russia) and. eu (European Union).

VeriSign is a very crucial component of the Domain Name Industry and position the sales to the customers and also create growth and drive demand opportunities. VeriSign registry manufactures and sells domain; the domain develop technologies and tools that benefit the industry and boost the adoption of domain names. Introduction VeriSign, Inc (Nasdaq: VRSN) is an American based company that is based in Virginia. The company operates a wide range of network infrastructure such as. net, .com, .tv, .cc and. name; these are some of the standard top level domains.

The company also operates internet too name servers and offers a wide range of security services such as digital certificates. Trust seals and two factor authentication or PKI. All these functions are grouped by the company under the ‘trusted internet infrastructure’ banner services. Generally VeriSign is the authoritative registry of all. com, .net, .name, .cc, and. tv domain names and provides registry services for a wide range of additional domain names. The industry plays a very critical role in the infrastructure of internet DNS as it is the registry operator of the two most significant top-level domains.

It is also the registry operator that is contracted for top level domains that are country coded such as. tv(Tuvalu) and. cc for Cocos Islands. It is also a primary technical subcontractor for the. jobs, .edu and. name domains for their particular registry operators. Industry Analysis VeriSign was established in 1995 as an offshoot of the RSA Security certification services. It attained licenses to main cryptographic patents which had been held by RSA and a non-compete agreement which was time limited.

Its main role was focused on certificate authority (CA) and the initial mission was to provide trust for the Internet and e commerce through its digital authentication products and services. Currently the company has more that three million operation certificates which range from financial to military services to retail applications. VeriSign is the largest certificate authority industry, which offers authentication and encryption on the internet. It is famous for the VeriSign secured Seal, which is an apparent expression of the encryption and authentication of a website. The secured seal is at most times posted to the VeriSign SSL Certificate customer’s Web sites.

The company posted annual revenue of $ 1.66 billion in 2005 with over 3000 employees globally. VeriSign is divided into two large divisions; the communication services and Internet services. The internet services division took in the domain name registry such as. gov, .net, .com and. tv ; it thus houses the naming and directory services and other services which are elated to DNS and RFID. The Security services have a wide range of capabilities, which range from managed security services such as intrusion detection, firewalls, vulnerability protection and prevention among others to word wide security consulting. Generally VeriSign Inc.

is a leading provider of intelligent infrastructure services that enable businesses and individuals to find, connect, secure and transact across complex global networks. The company is organized into business groups; the internet services group (ISG) and the Communications Service Group (CSG). The ISG consists of two business units; security services (SS) and naming and directory services (N& D). SS provides products and services that enable clients to establish and deliver secure internet based services.

SS group offers four categories of services; network security services including managed security services such as VPNS and firewalls and global security consulting services. The second category is authentication services, which include managed public key infrastructure services and unified authentication services; commercial security including secure commerce site services, secure payment services, and digital brand management services, which assist legal professionals, information technology professionals and brand marketers to monitor, protect and build digital brand equity. The naming and directory acts as the exclusive registry of domain names in the. com and. net generic top level domains(gTLDs) and certain country code level domains (ccTLDs) as well as providing radio frequency identification(RFID) services.

Communications Service Group offers managed communication services to fixed line, broadband, mobile operators and enterprise customers. Its offerings include network connectivity and interoperability services, intelligent database services, mobile content and application services, clearing and settlement services and billing and payment services. VeriSign recently acquired CallVision, a provider of online analysis applications. The acquisition allows VeriSign to deliver converged electronic bill presentation, payment and customer self care to its clients.

In late 2005, it sold its payment gateway business to PayPal and acquired Retail Solutions Inc, a provider of operational point of sales data to the retail industry and acquired IDEFENSE, a network based security provide. VeriSign offers risk management programs, flexible spending accounts, tuition and health club reimbursement, referral bonuses, ergonomics consultation and childcare. By the end of 2010, VeriSign had a base of more than 205.3 million domain name registrations in the entire Top Level Domains (TLDs); this was an increase of 1.7 percent in the third quarter of year 2010 or 3.5 million domain names.

In the entire year registrations grew by 6.3 percent or 12.1 million. The Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) base was 80.1 million domain names, which was a 1.1 percentage increase. This domains that accounted for this much increase were the. net TLDs and. com for they experiences a strong aggregate growth of about 105.2 million names. The new. net registrations and. com added up to 7.6 million in the last four months of 2010, which was a 1.6 percent increment in registration forms in the 3 quarter.

There has been a 4 percent increase in new registrations year over year. The largest Top Level Domains in terms of the bases size were. com, .de. .net, .org, .uk, .info, .cn, .nl, .eu and. ru.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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