Essays on An Assessment of Developing an Advertisement Campaign for Peperami Meat Snack Case Study

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The paper "An Assessment of Developing an Advertisement Campaign for Peperami Meat Snack " is a great example of a marketing case study.   An advertisement campaign entails a series of advertisement information that have a common or single idea and theme that form an integrated marketing communication (IMC). The advertisement theme mainly sets the campaign tone which is the central message that is communicated to the general public as a promotional activity. For the advertisement campaign to be effective and achieve the intended purpose, the campaign must be well planned and coordinated (Brierley, 2005). Advertising campaign for the Peperami Meat Snack is an advertising campaign which aims to place Peperami as one of the best and delicious meat snack brand.

Included in this advertisement campaign are an assessment of Peperami history, market share trends and performance, existing marketing strategies and the demographics. The campaign plan begins by outlining its objectives and purpose of the campaign through assessment of purpose and need for the advertisement campaign. Most importantly, it factors in the advertiser's needs and objectives for the product and how the advertisement campaign will achieve these. The advertisement campaign plan will also have an advertising budget for carrying out the campaign.

The budget will have the client profiles and an assessment of the advertiser needs. In this budget, key characteristics, competitive factors and the market situations will be defined. Each activity in the advertising campaign will have a budgetary allocation for it to be accomplished. Once activities have been identified, a schedule for these activities is proposed. This will include confirmation of campaign length and timing, identification of the service providers with the needed expertise.

A monitoring and evaluation plan will also be incorporated in the advertisement campaign. This will include milestones for monitoring the progress and the expenditure against the allocated budget. Advertisement Campaign Objectives The main objective of this campaign is to introduce a new Peperami snack; the Peperami bites into the market and posit it as one of the best meat snacks and ultimately increase the sales of the product. The new Peperami bites need to be popularized to ensure that as many people as possible get to try them. With the numerous varieties of meat snacks in the market, it will be an uphill task to introduce another product such as Peperami bites to the market without a strong and focused campaign.

This campaign seeks to introduce the new Peperami bites and stamp its presence in the market by identifying the target audience and reaching out to them through advertisement. The campaign aims to instill a brand preference among the younger generation comprising of school kids and the young adults who are the main consumers of these products. Measurement method and time frame.   We will measure our success by using an attitude study.   This study measures consumer attitudes after exposure to an ad.   We will conduct this measurement after the audience is exposed to the ad.   Success will require that 10 percent of advertisement viewers experienced a positive change in attitude toward the Peperami bites after viewing the advertisement.   We will allow our advertisements for three months of exposure before we measure the success of the campaign.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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