Essays on An Austrian Insurance Company Is Currently Advertising For Employees Based On Astrology Star Signs Assignment

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Introduction In today’s competitive business environment, firms must tap into all their resources so as to ensure that they stay ahead of the pack. With increased advancement in human resource, firms have realized that their employees could be one of their most valued assets. If a company uses the wrong selection strategy, then chances are that that it could be operating below its optimum. Besides that, a good selection process also protects the firm’s reputation as an equal opportunity employer because it ensures that every single individual is given a chance to enter the organization.

(Adler, 2006) The paper will look at some of the alternative selection strategies that an Austrian firm can use and these methods will be contrasted to their current strategy which is based on star signs. After making comparisons, an overall recommendation will be given on whether it should stick with its current strategy or whether it should consider some of the latter mentioned alternatives. Appropriateness of the firm’s selection strategyThe latter organization may have noble motives in choosing a selection process based on star signs, however, such a method could be missing out on certain crucial aspects and may be placing the firm at a disadvantage.

Before looking at those shortcomings, it is essential to analyse some of the benefits of adopting such a strategy. Firstly, because the latter method has no intense statistical backing, then it is extremely difficult to determine its predictability. This ensures that no favouritism occurs and thus some level of justice is carried. Aside from that, the method is quite simple and saves on valuable company time that could otherwise be directed towards further revenue generation.

(Sears, 2008)Validity of using star signs in selectionDespite the latter benefits, one cannot undermine some of the problems that could emanate from such an approach. First of all, the method is not systematic in nature. The company has not considered the fact that there could be plenty of personnel out therefore who are skill full and useful to the organisation but do not belong to these star signs. There is no valid reason to back up the selection of their preferred star signs i. e.

Aries, Capricorn, Taurus and Aquarius. In fact, it can be asserted that this method relies more on myths and beliefs that it does on science. There are no set ways in which one can certify the accuracy of the method. In other words, it revolves around trail and error. The firm’s strategy can be likened to a bet made by an individual who hopes that he will hit the jackpot with his one bet. This method cannot in any way guarantee good talent or skilful individuals and the firm needs to result to a method of selection in which a more talented and resourceful employee pool can be generated.

(Fox, 2008)InterviewsInterviews are a suitable alternative for the latter company to consider. First of all, interviews are normally carried out by a panel. Usually, the panel must be made up of a representative from the human resource department, a line manager and a person from the job type under consideration. This means that fair recruitment can be ascertained. Aside from that, interviews can ensure that all aspects of the vacancy are considered when selecting the right candidate so that there is no bias on one side compared to the other.

Interviews are quite important in assessment of candidates’ personality types and their ability to fit into the job that they are applying for. Interviews are also great in clarifying some of the issues that were ambiguous on the job application or the CV sent by applicants. This is because interviews facilitate face to face contact between panellists and interviewers thus providing an interactive platform for both parties. Analysts also assert that the latter forms of selection work very well for expressive individuals or those who can be categorized as extroverts.

In other words, jobs that necessitate frequent interactions with clients, colleagues, suppliers or other external partners may best be filled through interviews. Interviews can also provide the insurance firm with an opportunity to understand how fast candidates can act or think under pressure. The latter aspect is particularly important when recruiting employees for managerial positions. (Wood & Payne, 2009)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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