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The paper "Role of SGM Project Manager" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   In the past few years, there have emerged a number of attractive trends in the field of business management. In this scenario, the majority of business organizations started carrying out their business activities in the form of the project. Whenever they have to start a new venture or launch anything new they initiate a project for it and assign some resources for the completion of this project. In addition, the success and failure of this project depend upon a number of factors.

In this scenario, risk management is believed to the most important aspect all the way through the project lifecycle for the reason that a project faces a variety of risks. This report is written in the context of SGM and is aimed at analyzing risks and issues that they can face in this project. This report outlines the issues and problems faced throughout this project and also provide ways to deal with these issues. Introduction The basic objective of post-project review and evaluation is to reassess the completed project and uncover lessons learnt on what went fine and what could be performed better in future.

This review is not a procedure or session to assign blame for some issues infusing the project. Though it is  proposed to encourage collaboration as well as agreement on what and why there were benefits and issues to doing things a specific way. In case of risk analysis based post-project evaluation and analyses, the findings assessed from all each project are used to benefit future projects. A facilitator is always necessary for every post-project review and evaluation and these are to be autonomous from the project (Kloppenborg, 2009; Field & Keller, 2007; Meredith & Mantel, 2006).

In the case of SGM and Concept project, I am responsible for the analysis of facts and issues happen in the project of two businesses. This review and analysis based report is aimed at developing a well-researched project risk assessment report for SGM to have a post-project evaluation, identify issues in the project, and finally, analyse issues and make recommendations to the future projects. Review Objective Normally, the majority of business organizations that strictly take quality measures carry out a post-implementation review on their completed projects in order to check that their project has completed all the required results.

In fact, simply the completion of a project cannot ensure that a firm will get benefit from the project but it requires a detailed analysis of the project to determine what went right and what went wrong all the way through the project and what was attained by the organization (Rogers & Duffy, 2012; Turner, 2008). In order to review this project, I need to assess some of the major areas and aspects of the project regarding its failure and improvement in the context of SGM Corporation.

Here my basic objective is to assess the project with respect to the following major areas: Project Plan Project Cost Project Risk management Project Contingency plan Project Communication Report Structure The report is based on an explanatory structure where each section of the report is aimed to assess some of the important areas of the project. Initially, it will offer a basic overview of the project. After that report will analyze the major issues that emerge from the start of the project.

Then I will analyze the influence of these issues on the coming phases of the project. The middle section of the report will assess project finance and risk management aspects. The final section will provide a deep insight into to project overview to executives of SGM Corporation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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