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The paper "Poor Morale among Employees" is a perfect example of management coursework.   One of the problems being faced by the organization is poor morale among employee. There is an assortment of factors that have led to poor morale among the employees (Wright 2001 p. 559). The major factors include unwanted change, favoritism in promotions, the tension between members of staff and management. The other factors which are causing low motivation among the workers include; uncertainty on the financial stability of the company, heavy workloads, feeling unappreciated, poor working conditions, rigid supervision, and unsupportive management. One of the most important a business should do to increase its chances of survival is motivating its employees (Sirota, Mischkind & Meltzer 2006, p.

23). A business should struggle to ensure that there is no poor morale among its members of staff. When the company does not motivate the employee they become worn-out and become dissatisfied. This is followed by poor productivity from the worker which increases the cost of doing business. Workplace morale results from many elements that make up the working environment. The major factors that contribute towards workplace morale include salary, job satisfaction, the main responsibilities, the supervisor’ s contribution, the overall working environment and the status at the workplace. Managing the employee’ s morale should start immediately the signs of low morale become evident.

Any cause of low employee morale should not be allowed to enter the workplace. This is because poor employee morale affects the whole company and not just a given individual Signs of poor morale should be watched among all employees to ensure that there is no employee suffering from low morale (Houston 2000, p.

713). The symptoms of employees suffering low morale include absence, more errors low productivity poor quality work, backstabbing and more injuries. The low employee morale is not a cause of the above failure but a reaction to one part of the workplace that is not working properly. To get to the bottom of the problems being encountered the employer has to get to the bottom of the issues. When the identification of the issues causing low employee morale is identified, steps should be taken to address the needs of the employees (Alonso & Lewis 2001, p.

361). Some companies hire consultants to help in identifying the root cause of low motivation among the employees. However, it’ s easy to find some of the sources of low motivation among the employees because they are very clear. For example, poor working conditions are very visible to employers as a cause of discomfort and, therefore, low morale. If the employer is the one who identifies the problems facing the company firsthand, then high-quality solutions are found for these problems. This will also increase the morale of the employees as they are surer that the management is concerned about their needs.

This will increase the output of the employees once they are motivated that their issues are being resolved. Discussion The operation theory applicable to solving the problem facing the company is the motivation theory. In this theory, motivation is defined as the “ results of a process, either external or internal, that causes an individual’ s enthusiasm and persistence to take a certain action to increase. The main thing that causes multination in individuals is unsatisfied needs. The unsatisfied needs cause an individual to be in a state of pressure or disequilibrium and the person forms goals that he needs to achieve to achieve the need he has to reduce the pressure on himself.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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