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An Introduction of New Product in UAE The United Arab Emirates is located in Southwest Asia, strategically near a vital transit point for World crude oil (Khalaf, 53). It borders Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman, having its actual size unknown because of disputes regarding its islands and lack of separation of some of its borders with other countries, for example Saudi Arabia. Its climate is generally hot and dry, having the average temperature hit above 40 degrees Celsius during some months like July and August. It has some Oases where date palms, acacia and eucalyptus trees grow as well as desert areas where thorns and sparse grass grow (Khalaf, 60).

It is bestowed with natural gas and oil, having the petroleum industry as the major industry. The geographical setting of this country has a great influence on the cultures of the peoples in the country. This is because; it determines the activities that the citizens of the country engage in. Having petroleum industry as the major in this country, then mining becomes inevitably the major activity that the residents indulge in. the presence of oases has instilled the culture of oases farming, while the surrounding seas has inspired the culture of sea trade (Khalaf, 70).

There is an influence of the geographical setting on the culture of the country, regarding the product we aim to introduce, a rugged, mobile, rapid beverage cooler. Since the geographical location bestows the country with oil and natural gas, there is a lot of wealth in the country, which is trickled down to the citizens through employment and the welfare programs, meaning they are able to purchase the product.

The geography also influences the work culture of the country, involving mining and industrial labor, which causes the citizens to work under unfavorable temperatures, which calls for a new product to help in averting these unfavorable conditions, through the new product we seek to introduce. The common social organizations in the UAE are religion oriented, with the Muslim being the dominant religion. However, those who have a different faith are given space to exercise it (Khalaf, 83). The social stratification in this country is based on two major categorizations, the nationals and the immigrants, with the former being more privileged in employment and welfare programs compared to the later.

The subcultures for the nationals include the Sheikh family, which is the ruling class, the merchants, the middle class and finally at the bottom is the low income groups. Under the domestic unit, the wife plays the managerial role of the family, with the husband acting only as a symbol of authority. Women rarely work; they are left at home to rear and look after children, while their male counterparts are the workers and breadwinners (Khalaf, 76).

Since the proposed new product, a rugged, mobile, rapid beverage cooler, is not against the family and cultural value system of the citizens, then it will be adopted for the vital role it will play in creating a favorable low temperature working environment. Since the dressing of the citizens is mostly meant to cover the whole body, regardless of the temperature, then the new product becomes very necessary and useful in controlling temperature. The nature of diet and food consumed in the country is most perishable, for example, meat, dairy products, herbs and spices (Khalaf, 82).

Therefore, a rugged, mobile, rapid beverage cooler becomes very necessary for preserving the foodstuff, mostly for use by the workers at the construction sites. Work Cited Khalaf, Suleiman. Gulf Societies and the Image of Unlimited Good. Dialectical Anthropology, 1992, 53–84. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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