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The paper "Empowerment in Luxury Hotels" is a brilliant example of a term paper on management. Work teams have been described as “ integral” to organizational success in our global, fast-paced, customer-driven economy. Empowerment has been seen as a powerful mechanism for increasing employee involvement and, thereby, enabling organizations to be more flexible and responsive. Empowered teams have greater authority and responsibility for their work than do more traditional teams, and their effectiveness is determined, in part, by the receptiveness or supports of the larger organizational system within which they operate. Essentially, there are two different conceptions of empowerment in the extant literature: structural and psychological.

One version of the psychological approach was advanced by, who submitted that team empowerment is “ the extent to which workgroup members have the ability to make business decisions, are accountable for the outcomes of their decisions, accept responsibility for the outcomes of their decisions, and can solve problems on their own” (Charles, 2000). Empowerment in terms of members' perceived authority to control how their work is conducted and having responsibility for their work outcomes.

The essence of this two-dimensional definition of psychological empowerment is that it is a psychological state defined primarily in terms of members' experience of authority and responsibility. Another version of psychological empowerment defines it in terms of a four-dimensional framework of employees' perceptions: (a) competence to perform their tasks well, (b) self-determination or freedom to choose how they carry out their tasks, (c) sense of meaningfulness that their work is important, and (d) belief that their work has an impact on the effectiveness of the larger system. This paper aims to identify and the concept of empowerment as a motivational mechanism, and the impact of leaders empowering and the particular styles of behavior with given focus through a luxury hotel environment.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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