Essays on Evaluating the Strategies of Starbucks Coffee Case Study

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The paper "Evaluating the Strategies of Starbucks Coffee" is a perfect example of a business case study. Starbucks is a successful company that was established in 1971 (Garthwaite, Busse & Brown, 1). The company started on a humble background with a single location. Originally, the company was involved in selling only ground coffee and coffee beans. The company has however experienced a lot of growth and development and it currently has about 17,000 retail stores in 50 countries. This is due to the growth strategies that were put in place by the company.

The leadership of the company also played an essential role in promoting its growth and development. The company has also expanded its range of products for the purposes of ensuring that it satisfied the customers. The quality of the products of the company is also unique which plays an essential role in enhancing its competitive advantage. This is considering that the number of competitors has been on the increase (Garthwaite, Busse & Brown 1). The paper critically discusses the strategies and environment of the company. Current strategies of Starbucks The current strategy of the company is for the purposes of ensuring that it is able to deal with the competition in the market.

The company has procured new equipment at a cost of $ 11,000 (Garthwaite, Busse & Brown, 14). This is for the purposes of ensuring that it is able to control the coffee flavour as well as its brewing temperature. On the other hand, the willingness of the customers to pay the premium prices is due to the use of this strategy. Technology is also one of the concepts that have been introduced as a strategy to enhance the competitiveness of the company.

The company has also diversified its operations as one of the strategies to deal with competition. The company has entered into a foray of music and it has been able to produce an award-winning album that sold over 32 million copies. This strategy was also in line with the use of technology at the company. The company is also involved in book publishing and movie production.

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