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The paper "Customer Buying Behavior" is an outstanding example of a marketing essay. Consumer serves a very vital part of the economy. For marketers, consumer behavior plays an important part in their decision making. The way in which the consumers behave and make their decision to purchase is important in coming up with efficient marketing methods (Jobanputra, 2009). When making their purchase decision, consumers are affected by both internal and external factors. Decision made by consumers varies from simple decisions like buying bread to major decisions such as buying a car or making a holiday location.

My family was involved in such a situation where they had to make a choice for the holiday. This is a major decision that involved a lot of time and affected by both internal and external influences. There were a lot of holiday locations that could be chosen which reflects how the consumers are faced with a lot of choices. This report will look at the influences of internal and external factors in making a consumer decision based on a real-life example of my family case in which I have involved them in doing the research. Internal factors Perception This refers to how individuals interpret and organizes information to create their view of the world.

As a consumer, the information provided is more than one can process. Evaluating the decision for the holiday, the family was faced with a lot of information about holiday camps and the best venue. To process the information, perception plays an important part. This leads to three types of defenses that are found in perception. The defenses are selective attention, selective retention and selective perception (Malhotra & Birks, 2007).

Since the family could not be able to process all information that was available, selective attention played a big part. There is also a tendency that the information received is manipulated in a way that it fits consumer preconceptions. Selective retention occurs when the consumer forgets about information if it doesn’ t align with their beliefs (Solomon et al. , 2006). In making the decision, all these defenses played a part.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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