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The paper "Online Interview with Sir Christopher Pappas" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   I managed to have an online interview with Sir. Christopher Pappas, in the attempt of learning how he performed his role as a community project manager. It is crucial to start by defining the term project for one to understand the nature of work that the manager is expected to do. A project mainly exists after a number of decisions have been addressed concerning a business that could either be internal or external depending on the customer’ s needs to the organization.

There should be enough funding that would be availed to ensure project execution. There are some specific and measurable goals and objectives created. It becomes difficult to manage a project when the expected results are not clearly defined, or even the quality of the end product. In most cases, the project we are considered to be temporary since the start will always be defined by the decisions that would be suggested. The end was defined by the achievements of the goals and objectives that had earlier been set by the management.

Most of the organizations, always have to incorporate some hierarchy that ranges from the strategic plan to the programs, projects, and even the sub-projects. A program is mainly a group of projects mainly managed, and coordinated in a way, to ensure that they are able to obtain the benefits that come along by managing them well. Christopher Pappas is the community manager of the instructional design and e-learning Professional s’ Group at Linkedin. This interview gave me a lot of insight concerning what it takes to be a community manager in a community project.

I was able to understand that project management entails at least five processes and each process interacts with each other too, be able to complete the whole cycle. After interrogating Christopher, I was able to rank him in the organization chart that explained the hierarchy of the processes performed and how they interrelated. The figure below shows the five processes in the community management process (Reynolds & Russ, 2008). Christopher as the overall project manager and was seen as the person with the highest role in the company since he was always gearing the project’ s life cycle.

As the project manager, he initiated the projects and helped in their planning and execution. He was expected to supervise the project based on the time schedule that was given and the budget allocated to ensure that only quality outcomes were achieved. This process mainly involved the manager either directly or indirectly, managing some of the employees and coaxing them to perform towards the direction that he wanted them to in attaining organizational goals and objectives.

In most cases, this was not appreciated, but in the end, it proved to have been a productive strategy. From the online interview with Christopher, I was able to gather a number of responses to the set questions in the questionnaire which helped in my analysis of his performance in Company. Christopher had been in the online community development for the last four years, and he said that what made him decide to join the company was because all along, he had been willing to interact, and share his knowledge with other professionals who seemed to have a similar opinion.

He became the inventor of Moodlers group at Ning also the instructional Design e-learning Professional (Daft, 2008). He promised that he was still aiming at creating other inventions in the near future as long as he met the right partners to connect within his line of business.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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