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Executive SummaryThis paper analyzes data collected from a survey conducted to establish the level of satisfaction for customers attending Anita’s kitchen Restaurant. Anita’s is a popular restaurant located in Birmingham, UK. It opened its doors in 2005 and it is working on opening branches in other cities around Europe. What makes the restaurant popular is the wide variety of food from different ethnic origins it serves. In addition, for a fixed price, customers can eat as much as they wish. The restaurant is efficient in service as there is no major queuing and it’s open for the better part of the day.

Competition is gradually increasing as many new restaurants come up. It is in this regard that the survey is intended to analyze customer’s satisfaction at Anita’s restaurant. This will help Anita in understanding its customer’s needs and the areas it ought to improve so as to keep in line with the growing competition. The survey was conducted in Birmingham and 427 respondents were interviewed. The measurable variables were; Life style measures; perception measures; relationship measures; selection factors and classification questions.

There was a scale to measure the extent of satisfaction based on the customer’s choice i. e. a scale of 1 to 7 where the respondent choose a number based on his/her opinion regarding the question asked. The areas focused were identified as being vital to the research questions. The results showed that a big number of the respondents were satisfied with the services offered at the Anita’s restaurant. Some were patriotic and would not go to any other restaurant around Birmingham except Anita’s. From the analysis, it is clear that majority of the customers are young people aged below 26 years. CoefficientsaModelUnstandardized CoefficientsBStandardized CoefficientsStd.

ErrorTBetaSig. 1(Constant)X2 -- Party PersonX4 -- Avoid Fried FoodsX5 -- Likes to Go Out SociallyX7 -- Self-ConfidentX8 -- Eat Balanced, Nutritious MealsX9 -- Buy New ProductsX12 -- Friendly EmployeesX13 -- Fun Place to EatX14 -- Large Size PortionsX15 -- Fresh FoodX16 -- Reasonable PricesX17 -- Attractive InteriorX18 -- Excellent Food TasteX19 -- Knowledgeable EmployeesX20 -- Proper Food TemperatureX21 -- Speed of ServiceX22 – SatisfactionX23 -- Likely to ReturnX24 -- Likely to RecommendX25 - Frequency of Patronage of Anita's Kitchen RestaurantX26 – PriceX27 -- Food QualityX28 – AtmosphereX29 – Service-407.772-47.2802.732-1.45017.47128.37951.8575.93666.872-5.90214.88110.181-20.32520.697-62.2378.6777.417-8.4038.491-. 52711.2999.978-16.01711.50024.857477.88920.19217.9137.1457.54721.88920.25918.97822.86619.64020.17021.76312.04023.15721.07811.24520.01112.82711.46813.71413.18340.32839.73641.70739.589-. 359.031-. 067.154.108-. 175.195-. 513.083.052-. 069.076-. 004.073.099-. 103.073.220-. 853-2.342.153-. 2032.3151.2972.560.3132.925-. 301.738.468-1.688.894-2.953.772.371-. 655.740-. 038.857.247-. 403.276.628.394.020.879.839.

Dependent Variable: IDANOVAbModelSum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig. 1RegressionResidualTotal557417.6224758015.4615315433.0832437439823225.73412721.9661.826.011aa. Predictors: (Constant), X29 -- Service, X17 -- Attractive Interior, X5 -- Likes to Go Out Socially, X8 -- Eat Balanced, Nutritious Meals, X14 -- Large Size Portions, X12 -- Friendly Employees, X27 -- Food Quality, X28 -- Atmosphere, X24 -- Likely to Recommend, X25 - Frequency of Patronage of Anita's Kitchen Restaurant, X7 -- Self-Confident, X2 -- Party Person, X9 -- Buy New Products, X22 -- Satisfaction, X20 -- Proper Food Temperature, X23 -- Likely to Return, X4 -- Avoid Fried Foods, X21 -- Speed of Service, X13 -- Fun Place to Eat, X19 -- Knowledgeable Employees, X15 -- Fresh Food, X18 -- Excellent Food Taste, X16 -- Reasonable Prices, X26 – Priceb.

Dependent Variable: IDThe regression analysis shows the results of the data collected from the 427 persons who have been living in the UK for over an year, they are living in Birmingham and usually eat out at a proper restaurant at least once a week. They are classified into life style measures, relationship measures, selection factors and other classification questions.

The analysis from the data shown that there is a strong negative relationship between a party persons and Anita’s kitchen, the t-stat (-2.342) show that the effect to Anita’s kitchen is statically significant. The results indicate that for person that who love to party affect Anita’s kitchen negatively by 47.280, the high level of significance indicate that this persons will high affect the kitchen, this may be due to the fact that if a person decides to party they will not take food from the kitchen as such his will affect the kitchen negatively. Anita’s self confidence strongly positively relates to the performance of the kitchen (17.475), the t-stat (2.315) indicates a statistically significant relationship between Anita’s confidence and the performance of the kitchen.

The strong relationship may be due to the strong marketing skills that Anita portrays when she is selling her products as a results this affects the performance of the kitchen positively. The results emphasis that strong marketing is needed to improve the kitchens performance and compete favorably in strong market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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