Essays on Analysing Global Marketing Environment Assignment

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The paper "Analyzing Global Marketing Environment" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Purpose of the report The purpose of this report is to provide a detailed analysis of the Chinese Business environment and the vehicle industry there. The information will be used by Toyota Corporation to ensure when they start marketing their products in China their operations and marketing strategies will lead to long term success in the Chinese market. The report looks at the political, economic, economic, social and technological factors that may affect Toyota venture into the country. Limitations of the report These findings of this report in that the information provides secondary and has its reliability cannot be ascertained.

Furthermore, China is a huge country and each province may not conform to the general business environment discussed in this report. Scope of the report The report assesses the impact of the business climate on operations China intends to carry out there. The report to ensure a detailed and focused analysis has divide China’ s macro-environment into five main categories. The vehicle industry keeps changing every few months with new innovations and products coming up.

For this reason, this report is limited to factors that have a direct impact on Toyota’ s operations in China every few months Background Company background information Toyota Motor Corporation which is also commonly known as Toyota started as a follow-up undertaking from the initiator car company which was referred to as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works back in the late nineteen nineties and the company was been run by Kiichiro Toyoda. Afterward, the company has been a recognized brand in the automobile industry. The company is based in Japan with the head office in Toyota City.

The company, as well as the Toyota brand, is widely recognized due to the large sale numbers that it has made since its establishment. The company owns and at the same time operates the Lexus brand and the Scion brands the company has a larger majority share in other companies such as in Daihatsu and Hino Motors, Isuzu Motors, Fuji Heavy Industries, and many others. The company has various other locations where they manufacture their products, for example in India. The companies mainly focus on the development as well as the manufacture of vehicles and at the same time, it aims at creating job opportunities through dealer networks and also through the use of appurtenant industries.

The company has approximately 522 subsidiaries. The company develops and manufactures a large of products ranging from automobiles to other related automobiles products. The products that the company manufactures include car engines, car electronic appliances as well as devices, stamping dies, vehicles and air conditioning compressors. Product information The selected product that Toyota seeks to sell in China is vehicles. The vehicles produced and manufactured by the company come in various ranges such as RAV4, Lexus brand, and Scion brands.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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