Essays on Kooragang Island Business Issues Assignment

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The paper "Kooragang Island Business Issues" is a good example of a business essay.   First, the Report has adhered to the GRI reporting principles and guidelines (GRI, 2011, p. 3). The contents of the report are material, shareholder, inclusive and address the sustainability of the company’ s activities. To this end, it contains information that reflects the organization’ s environmental, social and economic impacts, which influence the decisions made by stakeholders in relation to the firm. The report has identified its stakeholders and how the concerns of each stakeholder have been addressed. Moreover, having been independently assured, the results of the report are reliable.

With regard to quality, the report is balanced because it highlights both the challenges and the achievements of the firm in attaining sustainability. Secondly, the report contains standard disclosures including the strategy, profile, management approach and performance indicators. Finally, the performance indicators in the report have protocols that provide definitions; guidance used in compilation and other factors aiming at facilitating consistency in performance indicator interpretation. Answer Orica indicated that it applied level ‘ B’ of the GRI reporting framework. I agree that this is the appropriate level because the company fulfilled all the requirements of this level of application (InBev, 2008, p. 3; GRI, 2011, p. 2).

The report has a CEO statement and clearly describes the key impacts, opportunities and risks of the organization. It also contains a complete organisation profile, which discloses the company name, the products, and services it offers, its operational structure, legal form, nature of ownership, the markets served and the awards it has received during the reporting period. It also complies with all the relevant report parameters and indicates the governance, commitments and engagement as specified by level B application.

Other than that, the management approach disclosures have been made for each category of the performance indicators. At least twenty performance indicators have been reported from all the stipulated categories including economic, environment, society, labour, products, responsibility and human rights.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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