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Analysis of Coca Colas Christmas Advertising Campaign Festivity periods will be nearing, that why the firm decided to use the advert. This is aimed at luring the consumers buy products from the firm. The majority targeted markets were families and friends to enjoy beverages and soft drink from the market (Bownman 2010, p. 2). Also wholesalers and retailers, we majorly aimed at. This tend to enable them have the needed stock on time. This will improve their selling margins to consumers. Profitability ratios are foreshadowed to be on a higher knot (Bownman 2010, p. 3).

Manufacturers are also needed to produce more drinks that will suit the demand in the market. Also competitors are being considered, since intense advertising and product awareness edges out severe completion in various market segmentation. Various brands are being availed to the market ranging from diet coke, sprite, mineral water and fanta. These products are designed to fit the different consumption needs of consumers. There are made from pure mixed chemicals meant to quench the thirst of consumers, they feature component like water, sugar, glucose and syrup (Bownman 2010, p. 29).

Consumers will tend to purchase products depending on their tastes and preferences. The commodities packaging will also range depending on their respective products. Images portraying festivity moods are also essential. This will act as an attracting product hence luring consumers, products from the Firm also need to look different from the competitors for easy selection and identification (Callen 2009, p. 34). The advert is made on seasonality basis, it targets Christmas, boxing and new year celebration. Where friends and families will be joining each other in celebrating. It is made to capture the eyes of consumers globally.

As the truck transverse by, people are able to get attracted and want to hear more on the product. Large crowds listening and following the truck, convey the sane messages to others. This mean the product will be boosted in major different markets (Callen 2009, p. 45). The prime locations will be in urban centers, restaunts and hotels. Crowded areas are targeted, this pose to cause awareness to different consumers in the market. Strategically position is always the key for any advert. Information intended to reach the market will be conveyed easily, effectively and faster.

Competition is also improved, since coca cola products will be advertised in major towns and cities than its competitors in the business (Richter 2012, p. 34). The major role for the advertiser is to capture larger and bigger markets. The information portrayed on the advert is both made for selling and informing the aspired markets. On selling, more consumers will be persuaded to acquire and enjoy the beverages from the Firm. Sales margins are expected to be increased since the product is foreshadowed to be bought on a larger scale (Richter 2012, p. 38).

Production is on mass production to meet the demand of the market. Also the advertiser meant to inform the buyers about the availability of the products on the market. Persuading and polite language will be deployed, luring and convincing consumers on the benefits of having the company products (Richter 2012, p. 92). Once consumers are lured, there is expected increase purchasing power hence more sales. Different colours, texts, celebrity and perception are used in a balance way. Consumers through red colours easily identify the products with no difficulties.

It also help in distinguishing products from competitors ones. Perception is also a major item, different consumer’s tend to enjoy beverages and drinks in different ways either through dancing or relaxed moods. Celebrities are the key factor here, this mean the company has strong associations with people. Celebrities represent the people. Consumers tend to buy more products done by the personality they like and love. Supply chain deployed as a major buyer process, products move from manufacturers, wholesalers middlemen, retailers, then to consumers.

These enable the product to move in more faster and easier way (Mooj 2009, p. 23). Though there might be risks of delayed distribution, either from manufacturers or wholesalers, a different chain might be used to enable the product reach the market at the right time and place. There will be always higher and low risks involved depending on varying problems incurred (Mooj 2009, p. 43). The product as mention earlier, consist of beverages made from sugar, glucose and syrup. These provide much needed energy to consumers, improving on their health (Cocacola 2014, p. 432). Through elaborating the benefits of the product and availability to the market, consumers are able to know more about the product.

Pricing is the most important tool in marketing of any product, the advert consist of prices, to enable consumers know what exactly they will be able to incur in exchange of the product. Place plus direct distribution method are deployed; the product must be availed to the market at the exact places. Direct distribution method aids the product to reach in its attained markets on time (Cocacola, 2014). The components, price and benefits of the commodity are included.

The adverts elaborate more on distribution; availability of the products in the market depends on proper and effective distribution methods. Promotion. this can be done by sales person on the moving truck. It enables the consumer to identify other hidden information about the product; this can also be done through media and poster. Once consumers are largely informed they tend to rush and acquire the product, depending on their different tastes and preferences (Croft 2008, p. 66). Information conveyed in a luring and polite language to reach its intended destinations.

Once the consumers accept the product, it will be easier for them to choose the products produced by the firm (Croft 2008, p. 56). The advertisement though already running, the company should have done it on time. This could have aided in reaching the markets destined on time. The information should have distributed in deeper parts of the globe on time (Croft 2008, p. 56). Also they could have primarily tested it to prove its worthiness, through questionnaires, interviews and observation methods. The management could have accessed and determine on the volume of beverages distributed.

The link between manufacturing and distribution could be having the exact information. Sales persons should have also been deployed on time, to taste various samples to the market (Croft 2008, p. 79). Analyzing the various trends in the market are always crucial in determining consumer buying behaviors. Sailing the advert to target festivity season was a great idea to capture consumer’s mind. Bibliography Bowman, D., 2010, Market Response and Marketing Mix Models: Trends and Research Opportunities. New York: Now Publishers Inc. Callen, B., 2009, Managers Guide to Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity.

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