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 Analysis of Music Place Club IT Introduction Club IT is a downtown music spot supervised and personally owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada (Rainer, 2008). It is a highly scored musical club and hires musical bands and DJ’s for playing music on Fridays and Saturdays. Ambience is extravagantly done with high ceilings and heavy lighting effects. Being graduates of Business Administration the two partners are capable of maintaining financial records and managing administrative issues by themselves and they are involved day in day out in organizing their IT requirements in a better and successful manner.

Since IT has been seen to help organizations achieve strategic objectives Club IT is on the road to achievement. Mission and primary clientele Ruben and Lisa’s mission is based on their idea of offering the best live music, a mind boggling dance floor which will be occupied by dancers dancing to the music of DJs. Refreshments are assorted and suit every life style. Their pricing strategy is very strong and focuses primarily on the middle class ranging between the age groups 15-45.

To keep themselves in business and popularly, they believe in providing services which target the current lifestyle and trends. CLUB IT’s Employee Portal and other Information Resources Club IT has maintained a thorough portal for their employees via the intranet. It is very systematic requires a individual encrypted password for each employee to login. It is the hard work of the IT department to allow this infrastructure built on the company portal. The IT department has a broad role to play in the maintenance and proper running of this portal. Once logged in, there is extensive information about the employee past and present.

It includes information on employee wages, bonuses earned, leaves accrued such as sick and vacation. With the help of the bonus and proper pay displayed on the portal, the employee can easily identify his total salary that he or she would receive. The maintenance and updating of this IT portal is done on continuous basis. Since all financial information is displayed on the portal, the authenticity is must. The IT team has to ensure that all formulas and calculations are correct.

Other than this employee based information, for easy access to cost and sales figures, also uploaded on the portal are budget forms and sales forms. Also necessary information required by purchasers, such as the ordering spreadsheet, is included to make it a paperless company. Besides the portal an ordering form is maintain by the IT department in which total quantities order is maintained with the name of suppliers. Strategies for succession over competitors A more detailed information is required to be maintained by the IT department such as the income statement already included.

Being the critical element of the organization, financial statement like cash flow statements and balance sheet need to be maintained by the IT department, in order for suppliers and purchasers can get an overall glimpse of the position of the organization. These statements must be online and only finance department and only registered users must be able to access them through their login details. Online feedback system is necessary for the organization to follow the continuous improvement strategy. In order for customers to give continuous feedback, it is necessary for the online presence of a system whereby the customers would give their comments online, easily and fast.

Also provided should be physical system whereby the customers visiting the club can give their feedbacks such as comment cards placed on each table or at the reception. These comments would include responses regarding the services, food quality etc. Online or offline, these comments must be present on the web portal for employees and management to act accordingly towards improvement and restructuring. This would lead to long term success as it would help achieve cost leadership, customer orientation, differentiation, operational effectiveness.

If the ClubIT provides cheaper costs compared to the competitors in the market, it would help achieve Cost leadership (Rainer, 2008). This is long term growth strategy and would help the company attain economies of scale through this strategy. Bringing in operational effectiveness and lowering the cost of operations, would help set lower prices which is a very important element in today’s world especially on entertainment and luxury related activities and products. Therefore, this strategy would help in attracting more customers as the prices of Club IT would be more competitive.

For all the strategies discussed above, Club IT needs through financial analysis and gather all the information with respect to all its stakeholders, namely buyers and sellers. A thorough investigative analysis of the pricing strategy in the entire market should be aimed at attaining this competitive advantage. Without price comparison with that of the major competitors will help Club IT achieve this benefit. Employee information, efficiency of suppliers and target markets of the competitors are among the other important details required to attain this advantage.

Conclusion Thus, we can finish off by saying the information and knowledge of the market is an essential element of all organizational successes, and all organizations in order to attain competitive advantage must gather all the information needed. Maintaining properly all activities online and offline and feeding them properly into the database, can be beneficial for Club IT in both short and the long run. An industry can be altered just by efficiently managing the information needs and planned objectives of the organization and can easily be achieved if its information resources are supervised efficiently.

Reference Rainer, R. (2008). Introduction to Information Systems: Enabling and Transforming Business. John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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