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The paper "Analysis of Organization’ s Current Position - Dyson" is a perfect example of a business assignment.   Dyson is a large scale private organization, actively indulged in manufacturing vacuum cleaners. In the UK market, fundraising has been a major issue for all companies. Interest rates are significantly higher in this country in comparison to other regions. The company is investing in research and development, in order to retain position in matured vacuum cleaner industry of UK. EconomicThe current market trend does not predict favourable conditions for any industry. There is unfavourable demand observed within the vacuum cleaner industry.

The market share of Dyson has decreased in past few years. SocialDyson has been able to address replacement demand prevalent in the industry. Investment in advanced technology has been a key to success for Dyson. Technological Technological advancements in the country are well adopted by the company. There are currently 175 new inventions, worked on by Dyson. It is the current market leader in the vacuum cleaner industry of the UK. EnvironmentalDyson has never been subjected to environmental allegations. The company utilizes the best techniques so as to manufacture products that represent cleanliness (Allen, 2006). Legal UK trademark has challenged the trademark registration of the company as it focused more on clarity.

The in-house trademark attorney of Dyson can be considered as an alarming aspect in terms of the latest development. Competitive rivalry in-home appliance industry is intense since there is an increased demand for modernized equipment. The main competitors of Dyson are Electrolux, Hoover, Miele and Excel Dryer Corporation. Switching costs are comparatively low in this particular segment and this has increased the bargaining power of customers.

There is a wide range of firms offering similar products to customers at different prices. The threat of substitute products is relatively high due to the evolution of alternatives. These alternatives might decrease the need for vacuum cleaners. The bargaining power of suppliers is high since the industry encompasses many players. All these firms rely greatly on suppliers because product manufacturing depends on the availability of raw materials. The threat of new entrants is low in the home appliances industry. This is simply because; lump sum investment is needed at the initial stage while manufacturing innovative appliances (Mintzberg, 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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