Essays on Recruitment, Selection and Training in Apple Inc Case Study

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The paper "Recruitment, Selection and Training in Apple Inc " is an outstanding example of human resources case study.   Recruitment is the first process of the employee selection process. Recruitment generally involves a number of stages, the first step is the identification of the position in the company, and this is then followed by clearly outlining the job description of the applicant. After the job description process is successfully completed, the vacancy can then be advertised through the most reliable channel such as a newspaper or online platform. Once the advert is placed with the key academic qualifications and the experience needed for the vacancy are published.

Individuals who qualify for the vacancy can then apply for the post. Once the application deadline is reached, the human resource department can then preview the curriculum vitae and the cover letter presented by the applicants. The HR can then enlist candidates that closely match the job description for the interview process (Gallo, 2012). This stage marks the beginning of the filtering process, the HR needs to invite the most qualified candidates to the interview, the academic performance and the experience of the candidates are normally the key aspects that determine if the candidate will be invited to the interview or not.

Notably, once the candidates are invited to the job interview, depending on the nature of the job advertised, the interview process can vary with this consideration. The company involved is also another factor; most of the leading companies have more stages of the interview process, some range from 3 to 4 interview sessions. The technical department normally considers the first step of elimination to include either oral technical questions or written technical questions. According to Williams & Curtis (2012, p. 69), the selection process begins once the involved candidates have successfully completed the initial stage of the interview.

At the selection stage, the candidate needs to agree with the terms of employment in order to be selected. The time of reporting, as well as the signing of contract forms, can be initiated at this stage. This is may also vary depending on the company, some companies require additional medical certificates while others do not require, generally for technical duties that are demanding, medical clarification is necessary in order to avoid health-related complications later.

The candidate needs to agree with the terms of employment before assuming the position. Once the candidate has been successfully selected into the organization, the training process can then begin. This is also subject to the experience of the candidate on the same duty, however, the introduction of the organization is necessary, this is a process called induction, it is partly training and integration into the culture of the organization as well as the expectations in the organization.

In instances where the recruit is limited in knowledge or he/she is a first time employee, training of the job normally takes some time; this can range from three months to one year depending on the company. Training is, however, a continuous process in the company, this is because of the varying nature of the business environment and technology, training is inevitable in such a case.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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