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The paper "Creating Value Through the Marketing Mix" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. The ALDI Australia Company is a key retail supermarket in the Australian industry. The organization focuses on a variety of market customers. Of special interest in this analysis are its domestic use and grocery customers. These are the customers who shop from the venture on a regular basis. This consumer’ s category has a number of characteristics and shared demographic traits (ALDI, 2016a). One of the key characteristics of the customers is that they purchase low-value products in low quantities in the market.

In addition, customers are regular purchasers. This is especially with regard to the grocery shop customers who seek to purchase the products on a regular basis as a means of ensuring that they acquire fresh products on a regular and even on a daily basis in the market. This means that the customers require up to date information on the availability of their desired fresh products across the stores. Such required information includes the amount and variety of the grocery products available in the stores on a regular basis as well as the prices for such products.

This characterizes and market need has been the major organizational pillar and driver for the development of stringent and market-oriented marketing communication strategies. 1.2 Company Marketing Strategies The Company has over the decades applied a number of strategic marketing communication strategies in the market. One of the key aspects of organizational communication in the market is the organizational website system in the market. The organization has an active website through which it communicates with its customers and updates its market changes on product variety and price changes in the market.

The second key marketing communication used by the company is the use of a social media platform where it has an active Facebook account to interact with key customers in the market. Additional marketing communication tools have been the use of mass communication systems such as TV marketing among others (ALDI, 2016b). 2.0 Communication Strategy Analysis In order to develop a critical understanding of the relevance of the company marketing communication strategy, it is vital to evaluate and compare the strategies applied against the key customer requirements and needs for both short and long term market posterity.

The above report analysis reviews the applicability and the relevance of the market communication strategies is evaluated against customer motivation and engagement, awareness and perception, brand knowledge, forming attitudes, and influencing customer decision making processes respectively. Each of the mentioned variables is evaluated and any strategies strengths and weaknesses identified respectively. 2.1 Customer Motivation and engagement The first evaluation measure for the effectiveness of the marketing communication strategies applied by the company is through customer motivation and engagement.

Under this evaluation tool, the focus is on the extent to which the strategy meets the customers’ needs as well as ensures their inclusion and engagement in the communication process. As already identified, the venture grocery customers are low-cost low quantity customers. This means that their focus is on the available varieties s well as an up to date formation on available prices in the market. The use of the company website regular updates has been vital in ensuring the satisfaction of this need.

In this context, the organization website presents an up to date review and focus on the existing product varieties. Thus, through logging into the system, the customers can easily get an update of the available product varieties thus informing their decision to purchase the products.


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