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Training process6Motivation of employees7Providing opportunities for growth8Creation of working environment9Provision of effective and fair leadership9Time frame for achievement of goals10Conclusion10References12Executive summaryThere is need to improve the conditions of the employee in any organization that is market oriented. Given that the performance of the company is highly dependent on the productivity of its employees, this factor cannot be over-emphasized. The human resource department of an organization is thus supposed to ensure that the company’s employee are recruited in a competitive way, trained as required, motivated, provided opportunities for growth, provided with good working environment, and guided effectively by strong leadership.

A strong leadership will enhance the smooth flow of the entire human management and optimization in the organization. This in turn will help reduce the rate of employee turnover and slow integration into the organization’s working conditions. IntroductionThe human resource department is one of the major departments of any organization. The human resource forms the hub of all the activities going on in the organization. The reason why the human resource department is the hub of the organization is simply because it deals with the major resource that an organization has at its disposal, the people.

The function of the human resource is managing this important resource of the organization. Some of the fundamental functions of the human resource manager includes; recruiting employees, remuneration of employees, motivation, maintenance, and appraisal and also complying with relevant industrial relations rules and human rights provisions. The entire human resource management is thus supposed to provide guidelines on the recruitment procedures, job analysis, orientation of the new employees to learn the new environment, management of performance and proper compensation procedures.

The human resource is therefore a multidisciplinary field where different disciplines are concerned. Some of the common fields in the human resource department includes; economics through the provisions of wages, markets and resources to the company, psychology through the motivation and improvement of the satisfaction levels of employees, sociology by ensuring that the organization ‘structure and culture is favorable for optimum working. The other important discipline in the human resource department is law, law provides the minimum wages and benefits that the employees are entitled; it also provides the basics of the contract according to the labor rules of a given country among other legal provisions (Armstrong, 2006, pp 234). As evident from the breakdown of the functions of the human resource department, the performance of the company is thus enshrined on the human resource management.

The larger the organization, the more complex it is to manage the working force of the organization due to varied responsibilities and the feasibility of analyzing the appraisal of every employee in the organization accurately. Acting in the human resource department is therefore challenging and requires adequate knowledge on different fields in order to ensure that the organization achieves its fundamental outlined goals with minimal difficulty.

The management of the human resource department is directly proportional to the company’s performance; this concept can never be over-emphasized given the central role of the employees in ensuring that the company achieves its goals.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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