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5th May, 2011Outline: IntroductionDiscussionPlanning of the EventManagement of the EventConclusionReference List IntroductionOver the years, man has organized events to celebrate or remember different aspects of occurrences in political, religious, environmental, economic, and social fronts. Religious events have been and continue to be organized world over to commemorate different aspects of religious occurrences such as asking for rain and giving thanks to the creator for a good harvest. Different events also continue to be held world over to celebrate different political times and holidays. In such cases, the events have played significant role in creating a sense of belonging among citizens of a given country.

The events also provide platforms for building national identity and where states and governments gain legitimacy, draw attention to their accomplishments, demonstrate their modernity and economic dynamism. The United Kingdom just like any other state is popular for holding several events to celebrate different aspects of her achievements (Brown 2001, p. 253). One example of these events is the British Prince Wedding that is celebrated occasionally. The purpose of this report is to give an analytical account of the wedding event.

DiscussionThe British prince wedding is seen as one of the ways of ensuring the continuity of the royal family which in many cases defined as a group of relatives of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Members of the royal family belong to the House of Windsor, either through birth or marriage. The British royal family marks different traditional events at different times of the years to mark different aspects of royalty. Some of these events include but not limited to: Trooping the Colour, Golden Jubilee, Ceremonials, State Funerals and the Prince Wedding.

Several prince weddings have been performed within the royal family with the latest being the royal wedding of Prince William. This report therefore attempts to examine Prince William’s royal wedding that occurred on Friday, the 29th day of 2001. In so doing, the report focuses on two critical areas of this event namely: Designing and management of the event. In performing a critical analysis of this event, the report uses available event design and management theories as well as other approved event management knowledge (Walker 2009). The royal wedding involving Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton occurred on Friday, 29th 2011 at Westminster Abbey, in London.

The wedding drew much attention a cross the world with a number of comparisons and contrasts being drawn between William’s wedding and that of his father, Prince Charles in 1981. It is estimated that the event was watched by about two billion people across the world and that about 24.5 million people had a chance to watch the event live in London. The wedding was attended by a total of 1,900 guests including royal family, foreign royals, diplomats and other invited guests.

It was graced by different state activities such as: the use of state carriages, Food Guards and Household Cavalry. The day was also declared a public holiday in the United Kingdom. The approach adopted by this report is to that of examining the how the event was planned and how it was celebrated while subjecting it to analysis based on the set standards (Q++ 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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