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The paper "Helen's Business Assessment" is an amazing example of a Business assignment. Helen's business is thriving because of the energy that drives people in small entrepreneurial businesses because they have a lot of enthusiasm to work hard and let business grows.   One of the challenges faced by small business entrepreneurs is how to maintain the energy that is present when they start their businesses.   Helen started her business with a lot of passion and currently, the major hindering obstacle is on how to maintain the same energy and expand to other horizons and states.   This option of expansion has been analyzed by researchers as an area zone that requires strategies when expanding in different geographic horizons, scope, scale, and resources.   The opportunity to grow comes up when the small business has performed well and there is room for expansion as highlighted in Helen's business whose annual turnover was over $ 1 million in 2005.  Some of the forces that benefit would Dutiful Daughters as has been observed in other small businesses are the beauty of advertising using the latest form of technology to reach other customers and clients globally.   Telecommunication is a cheaper option of marketing and any business to become global eventual reaps from the availability of internet services.

This is a valuable recommendation made for Dutiful Daughters to start a website whereby people can visit their site and learn exactly what they have to offer to their clients.   The Organisation will, however, have to incur the cost of maintaining the website but due to the volume of work and benefits of increased clients, the cost is minimal. (Rehan, 2011) To maintain professionalism and still expand to other areas requires training the employees on the vision and mission of an Organisation and they should own them so that they can engage the customers and clients the way the founder had envisioned. Business relationships are formed between clients by spending quality time with clients, becoming friends, and sharing interests with them as we have substantiated from the case study on how Helen has been handling her clients from the onset whereby she visited their homes and paid special attention.   When you know somebody better and trust them the relationship beginnings to grow and deepen which increases the customer base which is evident with Helen’ s case.

When a relationship is sour it means that there is distrust and you probably dislike the person. (Jennifer, 2011)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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