Essays on Main Shortcomings of the Current Purchasing and Inventory Management Practices at Viverra Motors Case Study

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The paper “ Main Shortcomings of the Current Purchasing and Inventory Management Practices at Viverra Motors” is an impressive example of the case study on management. The report presents a brief introduction to what the concept of inventory management entails. It further mentions the position of the Viverra Motor Company in relation to the concept of purchasing and inventory management. It further explores the methods of how inventory and purchasing management policies and procedures are different because the dealerships purchase different types of service parts and materials. Further, the report outlines systematically the main shortcomings of the present purchasing and inventory management practices at Viverra Motors and how could these shortcomings be affected by the new acquisition.

It thus presents the analysis of the suitability of the various methods that are used to manage the inventory system and their weaknesses. Either, an illustration of how the supply chain and inventory management concepts will help Llew Gwych reduce space requirements and investment whilst maintaining adequate service levels in Viverra motors is given while mainly indicating solution to the constraints identified earlier. Finally, some recommendations are offered on how to structure the purchasing and inventory functions for the Viverra Motors dealership network effectively.

On the other hand, a conclusion is given describing the significance of effective purchasing and inventory management on the wellbeing of any organization. IntroductionAccording to Toomey (2000), inventory management entails the larger concept of the inventory management principles, the concepts, and the techniques that control the supply chain systems in an organization. The systems entail customer demand analysis, distribution strategies as well as the entire product transformation activities. These functions are interlinked and they lead to effective supply chain management in an organization when they are well managed. The case study presented outlines the current position of Viverra motor company in terms of purchasing and inventory management of their future prospects in the way they handle upcoming changes.


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