Essays on Analysis of HR Department and the Marketing Management Team Research Proposal

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The paper "Analysis of HR Department and the Marketing Management Team" is a wonderful example of a research proposal on management.   In light of Catastrophe Concepts financially detrimental year, addressing issues within the company's departments is vital for ensuring future success within the company. Changes must be made in each department to cut costs and lower overhead. Employees in the company are experiencing above-average workloads, increased stress levels, and discontent among the staff. The marketing department is in need of improvement. Caleb McGuire, the Customer Service Manager and a key member of the marketing team, has been declining in performance and ability over the past months.

Caleb's time away from work is becoming frequent as he is suffering from illness. Originally, staff members and colleagues proved sympathetic; however, increasing absences and reassigned workload has created discontent among colleagues and is a source of tension on the team level. The marketing manager, Lilly Zheng, has become frustrated with Caleb's absence and his performance. Lilly has begun to receive pressure, not only from the CEOs a result of companywide stresses but from her subordinates in the marketing department. Mr.

McGuire is "evasive" when inquired about his ordeal and has only publicized his diagnosis is a severe case of shingles. However, rumors have begun to circulate Caleb was diagnosed with AIDS. Top performers in the department are voicing such a concern they've threatened to quit if something is not done. Aims: The purpose of this report the evaluation of a case regarding a marketing employee (Caleb McGuire) and his job performance as it relates to a current personal situation. The report will evaluate how his condition and his performance are causing disruption between himself and his coworkers and affecting performance not just on a personal level, but on a team and department level. 1.3 Scope: This report expounds on human resources management as a delicate position.

Because HR managers are key decision-makers and in place to maintain strategic company goals, it's important HR leaders maintain effective management abilities and use proven strategies while still keeping the individual employee, as well as his or her wellbeing, at the forefront of their responsibility.


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