Essays on Planning Growth at Lancaster Motor Group Case Study

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The paper 'Planning Growth at Lancaster Motor Group" is a good example of a management case study. Operations management is the activity of managing the resources which produce and deliver goods and services. Supply chain management involves the coordination of production, inventory, location, and transportation to attain high responsiveness and efficiency. Just-in-time, virtual inventory, outsourcing, capacity, and time, among other concepts have been developed in order to enhance the performance of the supply chain. The main objective of looking into the operations management is to fulfill customer orders in time, reduce inventories and waste time and establish schedules for work that will ensure the optimum utilization of materials, workers, and machines. Forecasting in the Lancaster motor group will include the forecasting of the raw materials, components, assemblies, and sub-assemblies, the forecasting of the personnel necessary to make the supply chain operate effectively, and the forecasting of where the motor vehicles should be stored based on demand forecasts.

The strategic plan of the Lancaster motor group company has to include some form of forecasting in order to plan where the company needs to be in the future and what capacity the company will have to have in order to meet these forecasts. Just-in-time is a philosophy used in inventory control and management which originated from the Japanese automaker Toyota where the Toyota production system was developed.

Lancaster motor group should implement the Just-In-Time control system to improve the incoming materials from their suppliers, the delivery of the materials, and the cost of the materials. This will lead to the high quality of their finished goods and delivery to their customers at the right time and at reasonable prices. Introduction Operation is the part of a business organization, besides marketing and finance, which is responsible for producing goods/services.

Operations management, therefore, is the activity of managing the resources which produce and deliver goods and services (Slack, Chambers & Johnston 2010). These operations include production, purchasing, supply, and inventory among other functions within the organization. The operation function is involved in all department s in the company hence has a major impact on its competitive position. Both operations and production management have been considered as important factors of economic growth in the company and the country at large.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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