Essays on Purchasing and Inventory Management at Viverra Motors Case Study

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The paper “ Purchasing and Inventory Management at Viverra Motors” is an exciting example of the case study on management. Purchasing and inventory management forms quite a significant part of any given organization. For an organization to experience growth and development with ease it has to have in place a purchasing inventory program that is both effective and efficient. Key concerns are seen to arise in line with how an organization addresses its inventory needs and the path followed towards meeting the already put forth policies and procedures governing the entire processes of purchasing and inventory management (Lost, Johnson and Kaplan 2000, p. 126).

For there to exist an effective purchasing and inventory management program within any given organization focus should be put on the analysis, measurement, and identification of inventories that can be reduced in the near term. This would involve reviewing the policies and procedures as well as practices that are in line with data from purchasing and inventory records. Basically there is a wide range of benefits for an organization that utilizes improved methods and techniques for purchasing and management of inventories. Purchasing and Inventory Management Policies and ProceduresPurchasing and inventory management is of great significance within any given organization as far as the aspect of sourcing for materials and services from suppliers is concerned.

The existence of different competitive suppliers in line with the provision of goods and services necessitates that organizations critically put into consideration various factors that determine the reliability, capacity, and capability of suppliers to provide timely services (Tempelmeier and Horst 2011, p. 56). Among them includes the purchasing and inventory management policies and procedures which in this case differ due to the fact that the dealership of purchase involves different types of services being offered by the different suppliers.

For instance, in the case presented specifically the dealership of purchase in line with lubricants versus genuine parts, purchasing management, and inventory procedures may differ.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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