Essays on Customer Buying Decision Process of a Traditional Porsche Customer Assignment

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The paper "Customer Buying Decision Process of a Traditional Porsche Customer" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. According to Theis (2010), it is indubitable that brands have an influence on operating results and the reputation of any company. Some people consider a brand to be one of the most important assets in any organization. The correlation between the consumer and brand can be considered a pact. The consumer is trustful and loyal and the brand guarantees consistent pricing and quality. When one has an automobile that is road unworthy and one has to make a choice of the new brand, then the issue will be irrelevant.

Nonetheless, the rationale used in making a decision between Volvo, Porsche, and Mercedes, is usually exhilarating since different brands different shortfalls and benefits alike. Consequently, there should be some form of rational that will guide a buyer when he is making his decisions. The rational entails weighing between the benefits versus the shortfalls. The best scenario can be when a standard method is used to gauge the different automobiles since a potential buyer will choose the model that has the highest score according to the standard method used.

Nonetheless, in case the standard approach cannot be used it will prompt the use of other different approaches (Theis, 2010). Perceptibly the choices are not free from each other, and this can be dealt with by treating every reason for purchasing a Porsche as logic against purchasing a Volvo as well as against purchasing a Mercedes. On this kind of method, when one decides to buy a specific vehicle then the rationale used in buying the car will be the same as the one used not to purchase another car.

For instance, when one decides to buy Toyota because of its low fuel consumption then it is the same rationale that will be used not to buy Mercedes. Such an approach is instrumental when making a choice of not buying other models of vehicles. When there are many substitutes then the scenario becomes intricate since any reason that is advanced to purchase a specific automobile is a rationale for not purchasing the other brand.

Apart from complexity, which it results since motives for purchasing a specific vehicle, will be the same logic that will be insistent for the types of car. A case in point, the rationale that could prompt one to purchase a Porsche is that the vehicle is safe. Reasons for not purchasing Volvo could be the car is not an ideal racing car, therefore this rationale appeals not in favor of purchasing Mercedes. An attractive way that can be used in gathering the different model's vehicle rationale that favors it as well as rationale that pleads not in its favor.

Brands with strong reasons that plead not in favor of it can be shelved (Hage, 2006). Then the brands that remain must be matched.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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