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Analyzing Marketing Efforts Introduction New Moon Cafe is located Burlington, offers creative breakfast, authentic coffee, delicious lunch, and delicious cupcakes and much more. New Moon Café has an ambiance fit for all its customers. The cafe has quite and cozy spots and open and spacious seats. The cafe is always pleased to support vegans, localvores and other people who are heath-eaters. The Cafe uses fresh vegetables and other products from the local farms. New Moon Cafe has a large flow of people who love coffee as they spend many dollars annually on specialty and regular cups of hot beverage.

New Moon Cafe focuses its marketing activities on reaching university faculty and students, office workers, and sophisticated teenagers. Market segmentation aims at dividing the market into homogeneous groups based on features such as location, gender, psychographic, income and race profile (Doole and Lowe 420). This paper aims at identifying and describing the target market for New Moon Cafe. Further, it seeks at analyzing the marketing mix of the organization. Market segmentation is a very crucial strategy for organizations to meet their mission and goal and gain profit.

Therefore, it is important to divide a market into meaningful, reasonably similar and identifiable groups or segments. New Moon Cafe uses demographic segmentation in relation to market by gender, income, age, family cycle and ethnic background. In addition it market segmentation is based on geographical segmentation in which its marketing strategies focuses markets by countries, regions climate and market density. New Moon Café has also embraced the psychographic segmentation that links with demographics. Consumption of coffee has shown a constant growth, with gourmet coffee having the strongest growth.

New Moon Café caters for people who need to get their everyday cup of great-tasting coffee in a comfortable environment. The Café has been able to earn a substantial market share by catering for a particular target market. The primary targets of New Moon Café are men and women who are between the ages of 25-40. This age bracket accounts for almost fifty percent of its total business. Clients with this age bracket are likely to have high salaries and professional jobs. This group increases at an annual rate of three percent.

Young adults with the age bracket of 18-24 are New Moons Café next largest target (Doole and Lowe 432). The young adults bring in about forty percent of the total sales; the café positions itself as a place for learners to hang out, write and meet people and study. They please this group through their innovative ideas and growth of technology. Marketing Mix After an organization decides on their market segment and target market it is important to select the positions it should occupy within the segments.

Positioning in a market involves developing a particular marketing mix to persuade potential client’s perception about the product on sale. New Moon Café has placed themselves as a highly respected product. New Moon Café is positioned in a way that it distinguishes their products from those of the competitors that earn them a competitive advantage. The primary objective of New Moon Café is to give its clients more than just a cup of coffee. They needed it to be a life experience in which customer would like to continue with and make it their usual functions.

Their uniqueness has enabled them to capitalize on a brand and is aiming at being recognized as the world’s respected brand. New Moon Café uses marketing mix that constitutes of four interdependent and interconnected variables. These variables are known as 4P’s (product, place, price and promotion). These components assist in determining a clear and practical approach to introducing a product to market. The elements of a marketing mix are adjusted until a right combination that meets the customer’s needs, and requirement is achieved.

The 4P’s helps the businesses to connect with customers in a targeted market. A proper combination of market mix components results in good yields (Doole and Lowe 440). However, wrong combination of the components can lead to failed marketing strategies and dissolving of the business. Product The first P in the marketing mix represents the product. The product is used to identify the markets wants, needs and desires. New Moon Café aims at providing premium coffee, providing innovative products and providing excellent services to its customers. Its product mix enlarged from the drinks and foods to satisfy the customer’s needs.

The café has been continually developing new brands such as flavored coffee and trying to attract more coffee drinkers through the different flavors of coffee. The café has identified the customer need by introducing nonfat milk in their brands. To ensure product prosperity, the café brings the best quality controls and ingredients and they ensure that all their employees are made aware of their objectives and mission. New Moon products have a unique characteristic that distinguishes it from those of the competitors.

The café has packaged drinks and foods that are sold worldwide to grocery stores and clubs. Price Typically, quality and price determines the value of a brand. Of all the components of the marketing mix, the price is the only one that creates sales revenue. Price is determined by finding out what customers perceive as the value of the product. New Moon Cafe has always tried to provide high-value products to their customers through purchasing quality beans. The cafe also ensures their employees have efficient and effective training and more importantly they offers a comfortable environment to enjoy drinks.

New Moon Cafe offers a price that is lower than its competitors are; this earns the organization a competitive advantage. The cafe also offers discounts to the royal customers and during holidays. New Moon Cafe carries out research on the consumers’ opinion about their pricing as this indicate what they are willing to pay. The pricing policy depends on time and circumstances. Place Another important component of the marketing mix is the place. The place is focused on the various techniques of transporting and storing goods and making them accessible to consumers.

It is important for an organization to provide the right product at the right place (Doole and Lowe 445). New Moon Cafe is located near colleges and universities in which they are their principal targets. New Moon café is also around offices where office workers visit the café for refreshments. Mostly New Moon Café uses a producer to consumer channel. With their practice, they can keep a personal relationship with their clients. Promotion Promotion is another important component of a marketing mix.

New Moon Café strategy is to spend money extensively on advertisements (Doole and Lowe 460). New Moon has a community-based website that is designed to collect feedbacks and suggestions from the customer. They have initiated a program that allows customers earn a free drink after purchasing a specific number of participating products. The café stress on quality above the price and other characteristics, it could emphasize. The organization is also using personal selling technique to promote its drinks and foods. Work Cited Doole, Isobel and Robin Lowe.

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