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The paper "Anheuser Busch, an American Brewing Entity" is a brilliant example of coursework on business. Anheuser bush is an American brewing entity that operates thirteen breweries in America, located in St. Louis Missouri (Schmitt, 2011). The company’ s president is Fernando Edmond. He is business-oriented and determined to ensure that the company gains sixty percent of the market share. The brewing industry boasts of providing over 100000 jobs in America especially serving staff in pubs. In 2011, the brewing industry increased to an estimated 13% compared to 2010. Additionally, craft brewers sold over eleven million barrels in 2010 up from ten million in 2010.

The company’ s mission is being a global beer company and delivering better returns to shareholders. The company dedicates itself to anticipating and managing operations to ensure constant fulfillment of our mission. The prime goal of the company was growing steadily, attaining profitability by the second year of operations. Additionally, the company’ s vision is to spice up life through products. Major Competitors                       The brewing industry is the most competitive industry. Numerous companies have sprung up with the intention of enjoying the supernormal profits enjoyed by our company.

Miller Coors has emerged as a serious competitor since its sales have increased over the past year (Potter, 2012). As a result, the company has embarked on extensive advertising such as TV commercials and setting up billboards to distinguish the organization from other competitors. Our extensive advertising has been integral in increasing product sales for the past six months. Apparently, these laid up strategies will enable the organization to surpass competitors consequently emerging as the best brewing company. Products                       Anheuser Busch is responsible for producing and distributing three global brands namely Budweiser, Stella Artois, and Becks (Schmitt, 2011).

Additionally, the entity also produces some other brands such as Hoegaarden, and local brands such as Busch beer, Natural light, and Shock top. However, the company manufactures non-alcoholic beverages such and malt liquors including Hurricane and Cobra. The company delivers products to retailers using a network of over five hundred wholesalers and thirteen entirely owned distributors. Trends                       Presently, Anheuser Busch is in serious talks of buying the remnant half of Grupo Modelo, a Mexican company. Anheuser Busch owns fifty percent of Modelo and intends to buy the company’ s remainder for an estimate of twelve billion dollars.

Through this initiative, the company intends to emerge as the leading brewing industry in America. Therefore, we believe that this strategy will enhance quality in processes that persons undertake, consequently surpassing customer expectations. The company has also developed measures of promoting conscientious consumption of our products since there is a high prevalence of teens consuming excess alcohol. Market conditions                       In 2010, the emergence of Miller Coors, a serious competitor affected product sales.

Beer sales reduced by ten percent in the month since Miler Coors had attracted many consumers. The company embarked on extensive advertising for it to retain current consumers and draw new ones.   It concentrated on diverse geographical destinations to increase product sales. Specialized knowledge of other destinations to reach our consumers allowed persons to gratify customers and surpass prime competitors. Constant advertising was integral when improving product sales particularly TV commercials. In 2010, our sales improved greatly and after some conducted research, the company emerged with a high turnover of ten billion thereby surpassing other competitors' efficient methods of advertising were integral in ensuring the company gains a large market share.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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