Essays on Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution System Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution System" is an amazing example of an annotated bibliography on management. Bendeman, Hanneli. "Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the workplace - the South African experience". African Journal on Conflict Resolution 7, no. 1 (2007): 137-161The journal takes a look at how South Africa is embracing the path of Alternative Dispute Resolution. According to this journal, the way out is to continue exploring the possibility of all alternatives that can dispense justice to all. Labor courts are used for resolving serious issues like unfair dismissal, strikes, and discrimination at workplaces. Conflict Resolution Quarterly 31, no.

4: (2014): 357-386. The journal talks about the processes of resolving conflict in the workplace. The processes have permeated many organizations in North America for the past thirty years. According to the author, arbitration and mediation processes were the first ones to be used in organizations. This article takes a look at the trends in workplace conflict management and the ADR education and proposes where the field should be in the coming years. Chambliss, Daniel F., and Russell K. Schutt.

Making Sense of the Social World: Methods of Investigation. Los Angeles: Sage, 2003. The book is a student-friendly and engaging introduction to social research for students. It gives balanced coverage of qualitative and quantitative methods, providing substantive examples and some research techniques. It covers all essential elements of research methods, including causation, validity, and techniques of analysis. Cloke, K., and Goldsmith, J. Resolving Conflicts at Work. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2000. Cloke and Goldsmith state that every conflict in the workplace produces an emotional response. However, most workplaces, as well as organizational cultures, require the workers to check their emotions when they enter their workplace or leave the emotions at home.

According to this book, workers can temporarily hold back their emotions, but they cannot eliminate them completely. Coates, Mary Lou, Gary T. Furlong, and Bryan M. Downie. Conflict management and dispute resolution systems in Canadian nonunionized organizations. Kingston, Ont: IRC Press, 1997. The purpose of this book is to develop a better understanding of conflict management and dispute resolutions in the nonunionized workplaces in Canada. It tries to examine the role of conflict management and dispute resolution.

It also takes a look at how employers are managing and resolving conflicts within their organizations. Colvin, Alexander J. S. "American workplace dispute resolution in the individual rights era". The International Journal of Human Resource Management 23, no. 3 (2012): 459-475. This article gives a theoretical conceptualization of the increase of alternative dispute resolution and the impact it has on the American employment relations in the individual rights era. It further examines the question of whether the new individual rights employment rights-based system has replaced the old one. Dickinson, David.

Alternative dispute resolution. IZA World of Labor, (September 2014): 71. The article talks about alternative dispute resolution procedures. It produces procedures such as mediation and arbitration as the best ways of resolving contract, wage, and grievance disputes. However, the procedures lead to changing levels of success and acceptability of the results depending on their design.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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