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The paper "3 Scenarios If I Am Marketing Manager" is an outstanding example of marketing coursework.   For each of the following scenarios, you are the marketing manager, commissioning market research. You are required to think about some of the issues and likely responses that will come from research providers, in response to your brief. For EACH of the three scenarios answer the following: The scenarios and research questions are: You are the marketing manager of Commonwealth Bank for Australia. You want to determine what consumers on the market feel about your performance in relation to other banks in the market.

You also want to see if the new advertising campaign you have been running is getting noticed. You have a big market research budget. You are the marketing manager of the Wallis Mainline Drive-in movie theatre at Gepps Cross in Adelaide. You want to see if there is going to be demand for ‘ babe in arms’ sessions in Adelaide, where parents can bring their young children to nominated sessions of current movies (and not have to worry if they cry or make a noise or run around).

You have a moderate research budget. You are operating a new hair salon on Rundle Street and want to understand how loyal your new customers are and how to attract new clients to the business. You have a very limited research budget. Answer 1 To survey what customers feel about the performance of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, I would use the personal interview method of data analysis. The main reason for using this method is because it is flexible and therefore it can be collected in various locations and times.

According to Bovee et al. (1995), the method can also be adapted to specific individuals and circumstances of the customers being reached by the advertising campaign. It is also flexible in a way that interviewers are able to use their acquired knowledge and interpersonal skills to explore the market to acquire various ideas raised by the respondents. Personal interviewing is also necessary to use in this market research because it gives direct feedback from the participants. According to Denzin and Lincoln (2000), the researcher is assured that the response is from the person intended unlike other methods of data collection.

The method gives a good opportunity to investigate because as a marketing manager I will be in a position of using both verbal and non-verbal ways of acquiring information. Observation can also be used to acquire information about advertising campaigns. The research yields detailed, rich and new insights. Since the research is about a bank operating in a wide geographical area it is necessary to get meaningful information which will help the bank to either change their advertising campaigns or to develop their strategies.

Weller and Romney (1998) explain that personal interviews enable people to get sensitive information and one can learn from the conversational tone of the respondent. Personal interaction with the respondent is also beneficial as they feel more relaxed and candid to give beneficial information. The interaction also gives an opportunity to explore the topic to depths for example by the use of probes.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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