Essays on Management Communication, Informative Presentation Assignment

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The paper "Management Communication, Informative Presentation " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Following a speech that was given by Glenn Beck in the closing remarks of the CPAC 2016, I felt so touched and inspired. According to my point of view, I would not have and neither would anyone have expressed it in a better manner as he did. He made me perceive the constitution in a manner that I have not previously done. The principles that he talked about are mostly ignored by people. No other tone or person would have expressed it in a better manner.

This speech is one of a kind and cannot be compared to any other delivered on the same topic. It is absolutely breathtaking. B2. An informative presentation can be described as one which is aimed at seeing to it that there is the conveyance of certain information to people who previously did not have knowledge. It also educates people who previously did not have vast information about a certain thing. The informative presentations are aimed at helping the audience in the understanding of a given topic, issue or a certain technique with more clarity.

The presentations are not focused on the appeal to the emotions of the people but rather to create an understanding of several factors that underlie a given situation. This is to the better of the knowledge of the audience. An informative speech has A persuasive speech, on the other hand, is one that is aimed at appealing to the emotions and feelings of a given individual. It compels and convinces the person through emotional and mental appeal.

Persuasive presentations have the effect that they affect the attitudes and behaviors of the audiences towards the commodities and the items that are pointed out and being spoken about. The presentations influence the thinking of the people and in response to this influence and motivate their actions towards the item of discussion. B3: the Steve Harvey Show is a show that aims at bringing solutions to families and people with disputes. It is hosted by Steve Harvey. Similar to this is the Trisha Show. It is on its part hosted by Trisha Goddard.

The two shows have similarity in that they both seek to bring together rival or conflicting parties. This is through the solution of disputes between them. This is to the better of the relationships between them. Through this, people previously in conflict are brought together and reconciled. The manner through which the two shows do this in different manners. Steve Harvey on his part puts into use humor to cool the emotions of the people. This is through jokes and reference to his real-life experiences. On the part of Trisha, she uses evidential facts to support the views of the conflicting parties.

This is through such things as videos and DNA tests. They all offer solutions or breakthroughs in the lives of the people and the audience but this is attained through different mechanisms. Through the use of humor to make the tense moments less tense and more lively. On the other hand, through the use of supporting evidence, people are able to understand why the results are and the background to the results.



Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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