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The paper "Analysis of Communication Process" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The environment is an important area that needs to be looked at when undertaking any set of communication. This is due to the direct manner in which it impacts the content and the communication process. There are many environmental cues that affect the manner in which the communication process is carried out. The first cue that affects the level of communication in the room of the message. This is through such things as the size of the room.

A large room may require one to shout or be loud enough to be audible to all. On the other hand, a small one needs one to only be audible and not shout. The setting of the venue is another environmental cue. This can be through the setting through a round table where people are all around one place or a setting where the speaker is at the front while the audience is at the back. Another cue is the dressing code of the audience. This can either be formal or informal dressing.

Formal dressing means that people should be addressed in a formal manner. The same case applies to informal dressing. This calls for an informal discussion or talk. In a given communication process, both the speaker and the audience have specific responsibilities that they should fully put to use. The speaker should be responsible to the audience to whom he is speaking to. The first responsibility in this case by being well prepared. A speaker should only speak on the issues that he is well aware of and well versed with.

This is in order to avoid the chances of giving misleading information and facts to the audience. Preparation before the talk is vital both to the speaker and to the audience. The speaker should also be responsible for being ethical in his speech. By being ethical, he should be considerate to the various groups of people. This should be through such things as speaking factual information and avoiding the giving of false details to the people. Misrepresentation should be avoided at all costs. On the part of the audience, they should be responsible for being attentive to the talk.

This is through the limiting of the instances where they leave or mummer in the congregation. This should also be through answering the questions that are asked by the speaker. They should also be responsible for fully participating in the talk. Participation involves being lively and asking questions on the unclear points. Language and thought are interrelated components. This is because we speak what we think is right. Our language in the real sense is influenced by the thoughts that we have about a certain situation in hand.

Through this, therefore, the inner voice within us is what influences how we think and react to a given situation. For example, one may be faced with a tough decision to make. The repercussions of the decision to be made can be either good or bad. The inner voice and thought of the outcome are what enable us to speak and talk that which we think is right and which the outcome will be for the better. Through this, therefore, it is a fact that the language that is used in a given situation be it a soft slow or rough is formed and designed by the inner thoughts and feelings that are within an individual.

We speak what we think. This is an assertion that has been assumed by scholars trying to investigate the relationship between thoughts and feelings with the language in a given situation. Through this, therefore, they have come to the assertion and conclusion that thought is directly related to the language that is spoken.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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