Essays on Task Coordination, Problem-Solving, Information Sharing and Conflict Resolution Assignment

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The paper "Task Coordination, Problem-Solving, Information Sharing and Conflict Resolution" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Having joined an organization at an entry-level management position, communication becomes extremely vital in developing inter-personal relationship skills and in becoming acquainted with the organization’ s processes. As such I would prefer talking in-person to e-mailing. Physical interaction is undeniable of acute vitality in understanding others, their interests and behavioral aspects which. Enhancing personal effectiveness entails actively involving others, interacting with them, asking questions and seeking assistance where applicable which best arrived at through face-to-face interaction.

E-mailing does not support such an experience Q16 Herzberg in his Two Factor theory explains that motivation leans upon dissatisfiers and satisfiers where he devises six satisfies which he calls motivators and ten dissatisfies which he calls hygiene factors. Critics to Herzberg theory maintain that the theory lacks a clear distinction between satisfiers and dissatisfiers and maintains that motivators and hygiene factor no longer exist on separate scales but are more of one thing. The critics maintain that in an ideal scenario, all the factors presented in the Two Factor theory whether hygiene or motivational results into pure satisfaction.

The theory also assumes that happy and satisfied employees are more dispensable to produce which is an ideal scenario is not the case. In the organization I work in, motivated employees seem more productive compared to subordinates and those employed on contractual terms they simply lack the satisfiers to push and motivate them.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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