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The paper 'Issue of Marketing Promotion" is a good example of a marketing assignment.   The environmental friendliness of a liquid cleaning detergent is one of the social-cultural factors that are likely to influence a consumer’ s purchase decision. The consumer has become more environmentally aware and will consciously search for the product they perceive to be friendly to the environment (Baker and Hart, 120). A liquid detergent that is bio-degradable is an example of a product that may appeal to environmentally sensitive consumers. The way a marketer of a liquid detergent approaches the promotion of the product will be a profound determinant of its success in the market.

Promotion is thus a valuable marketing input in getting consumers to choose your product (Baker and Hart, 55). It means drawing the attention of users to your products and explaining to them why they should make the purchasing decision. Various media can be used for the promotion of liquid detergent. Television and internet advertisement are likely to be more effective in influencing a liquid detergents purchase decision. The internet is now used by millions of users and enables will enable the marketer to show the cleaning effects of the detergent through video and photo sharing (Schiffman and Kanuk, 32). A range of Social-cultural input can be used to influence the purchase decision for Pay-TV.

Most people are worried about the kind content they expose their children to by letting them watch TV. Pay-TV marketers need to know this and provide ways of controlling content access on their networks. Another social-cultural input that can influence a decision to purchase Pay-Tv is class stratification in society (Arnould, Price, and Zinkhan).

A Pay-Tv marketer may have premium products that offer a range of benefits beyond the obvious. This social-cultural input will lead the most wealthy to purchase the Pay-Tv subscription. It must be remembered that they are a group of people who think the more expensive an item is the higher its quality. Promotion is a marketing input that Pay-Tv channels may use to influence consumers purchasing decisions. Promotion should be geared at showing the kinds of services and products provided by the Pay-Tv marketer. Question 2 Products: Tour package abroad, buying shares, buying medical cover Tour package Abroad When travelling to a foreign country a tourist must make a careful and intensive search for information.

The key consideration for any tour package is the safety and the enjoyment of the holiday (Reisinger, 29). A tourist must consider the external influences of the firm’ s marketing practices and the social-cultural environment. Every company offering tour packages will promote them as the best. A tourist must verify the promotion information provided by the marketing company about the destination with information from other sources. Social-cultural considerations are also an important consideration (Reisinger, 52).

The culture of the hosts will limit what a tourist can do in the destination. Language of the host is an important consideration as a tourist would prefer a destination where they can freely communicate with locals. Tour firms seek to influence the decision of the tourist in the decision making process through some psychological inputs (Reisinger, 123). One of the ways is to create the perception that the tourist is missing out on something if they do not go to a certain destination (Reisinger, 13).

In most cases, tourist depends on the experience of other tourists in the destination they are interested in visiting to make the purchase decision. Their pre-purchase evaluation is available for other tourists on review sites on the internet.

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