Essays on Employment Relations - Theory and Practice Assignment

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The paper “ Employment Relations - Theory and   Practice” is an inspiring example of the assignment on human resources. Management style is described as the existence of certain distinctive outlined guidelines, written principles, or set out parameters meant to act as a signpost for management action in the way employees can be treated as well as how particular events can be handled too. A management style is perceived to be akin to individual business policies and strategic derivatives. There two dimensions associated with various kinds of management styles. From the three types of industries mentioned by Boxall (2003, pp. 12-13), the kind of management style which could be more suitable for one of the three types mentioned and in this case thus manufacturing industry is Democratic management style.

In this kind of management, style managers allow the employers to participate in the decision-making process hence a certain action is based on the vote of the majority. Democratic management style, therefore, allows extensive communication from both directions thus from the subordinates to the top managers and vice versa. This kind of style is very effective for the manufacturing sector as it gives the employees an opportunity to contribute to the company’ s success.

Moreover, this style tends to utilize both dimensions of a good management style which encourages employee participation as well as involvement. From this, it is clear that this kind of management style utilizes the interconnections of two-dimension of management style which include; Individualism in which a firm seeks to develop and encourage each employee’ s capacity and role at work. This kind of management style dimension has the aim of nurturing employee’ s talents and worth.

In this kind of management dimension it is very much important to put more emphasizes on the need of line managers managing people irrespective of where he is placed whether it is in production, finance or any other personal position. In this kind of dimension it is important that attitude surveys be carried out regularly as a way of assessing the employee efficiency and development (Purcell, 1987).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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