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The paper "The Complexity of Supply Chain " is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. With globalisation taking place the world has become a small place. Today, there is intense competition and people have a lot of options. This is making companies be more aggressive and at the same time see that customers are satisfied. One of the most important things companies are working is on improving their supply chain. This will ensure a timely delivery. Since there are a lot many options so having this in place is very important. Supply Chain Management is thus a network established between dealers, distributors, retailers, transporters, and suppliers to ensure that the goods are readily supplied to the customers thereby improving customer satisfaction (Harrison & Ganeshan, 1995).

Supply chain forms an important aspect of every business and it concentrates on the following three parts Supply: which ensures that the raw materials are readily available and determines the manner by which it is available (Supply Chain, 2011) Manufacturing: which focuses on transforming raw materials into final goods (Supply Chain, 2011) Distribution: which ensures the network of the dealer, retailer, wholesaler and stockiest to ensure that the goods finally reaches the customer (Supply Chain, 2011) A supply chain thus focuses on the different aspect of business and helps to develop a network which ensures that the business process ensures efficiency in operations. Supply chain management has undergone tremendous change.

Companies have moved from the traditional method which had inventory piling up to a more innovative supply chain management. The implementation of different tools has improved demand and supply function. Research shows that organizations supply chain measurement depends upon three factors and they need to devise strategies to remove the bottlenecks present in the system for more timely delivery and better utility function.

(Gray & Khalid, 2006) Despite the growth in the method of the supply chain the principal components of the supply chain remains the same.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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