Essays on Barco Projection System, Barcos Decisions that Contributed to Current Problems Case Study

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The paper "Barco Projection System, Barco’ s Decisions that Contributed to Current Problems" is a great example of a business case study.   The strategy is the core factor that determines whether a business will succeed or end up in reds. Barco has a fairly balanced pool of strategic resources, which include, a team of skillful engineers and, a strong brand name based on their superiority. Their brand name and a team of engineers, therefore, are the major strongholds of their strategies, hence appropriate strategic resources. They have a strong distribution network that is mainly concentrated in European countries; this would be considered as a good strategic resource if they were only targeting specific countries.

However, the fact that the network of distributors is not well distributed weakens their strategy; it is not a good strategic resource since it does not recognize the philosophy of business growth, which calls for extensive market share, across the globe. Their competitor, Sony, have multiple distributors across the globe, which ensure that they can supply their products to all their potential market. Barco is concentrated in a few areas; this is a serious set back to their marketing strategies.

Their band name is popular as the first company that produced high-scan rate projectors; after all, every end-user of projectors is looking for speed. This is also a powerful resource that can help them to design an intensive market strategy, as well as a strategy to establish a bigger brand name than what they currently have. Their team of electrical engineers, on the other hand, is a focused group that is determined to carry out tireless researches in the search for a powerful product.

This is another resource that management can use to design a strategic plan that will see them produce higher quality goods than their competitors. Sony’ s Resources Barco’ s competitors, Sony, have valuable resources that help it to wage stiff completion on its competitors. Their brand name is prominent, as the first company to manufacture high-quality projector tubes. This brand name, along with their tube technology, is a strong resource for marketing and winning over the market, considering that every consumer is looking for quality pictures. This is an effort of their well-experienced team of electrical engineers, who have unique skills to produce unique resources.

It also has a strong distribution network across the globe, meaning that they can easily market their products. Barco’ s Decisions that Contributed to Current Problems Barco decided to concentrate on high-end products, at the expense of its market growth. While Sony concentrated on developing wide market boundaries, Barco only chose to distribute is products in three main regions, where their products would be accepted with their high prices. It could have been necessary if they had considered producing both high end and average quality products, and distribute them evenly in all markets of the globe, to counter any threats from their competitors. Sony’ s Strategic Plan and the Implications to Barco Sony’ s strategic plan is based on picture quality and brand status.

The company concentrates on producing projectors with the highest picture quality, and hence use this to market their products. They market their brand as a superior brand, which attracts the attention of all those who believe in the philosophy of class and status.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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