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The paper "Pharmel Performance Management, Managing Diversity in Lenovo" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. In view of Hofstede’ s cultural dimensions, power distance has influenced Per Jonson and Tapio Mä kelä communication as evidenced by the emails. Power distance Masculinity and Uncertainty Avoidance are very high in Finland as compared to Sweden, while Individualism is high in Sweden than Finland. Therefore, Tapio is autocratic and exhibits strong loyalty to Bekvema while Jonson appears to have weak loyalty to his employer and is behaving like an economic man.

Tapio and Jonson are both assertive since they both exhibit tough behaviour. In view of Schwartz’ s value structures, Tapio and Per exhibit some form of mastery and egalitarianism dimension (Pinnington and Harzing 49). The form of leadership exhibited by Tapio is autocratic and it fits the cultural profile of Finland while Per exhibits are democratic since he argues that most of the decision they make in Sweden is based on consensus. Robin should first research the behaviours and customs of Finland and Sweden cultures and try to understand why Tapio and Per exhibit such behaviours in the first place. Problem Two Per terms the installation of the system Propre at Bekvema as a coward attitude and uses assertive words such as puppet dolls to communicate to Tapio.

Tapio decides not to respond to Per questions through email because it is a sensitive matter, he instead opts for a phone conversation. Bengt Karlson supports Per and asks Tapio to involve them in the decision making process. From the email communication, it is evident that Tapio uses centralised decision structures (employees are told about decisions made) while Per and Bengt use decentralised decision structures (employees are consulted before making decisions).

In view of this, Robin should look for ways of making the communication work, instead of searching for the person to blame for the breakdown. Problem Three Lack of collaboration between Tapio and Per is attributed mainly by cultural differences, mainly the personality and behavior differences such as norms and communication. Without doubt, Per is using the argument of cultural differences to justify the need for expressing opinion via mail or phone. Failure by Tapio to respond to Per’ s assertive email terming the issue as to sensitive has been described by Per as Weak and dangerous leadership.

PXX system is associated with high costs; therefore, failure to function properly can result in high losses. Robin must increase cross cultural understanding so as to be able to reduce the communication barrier brought about by the culture difference. Case Two - Managing diversity in a Chinese-owned multinational IT firm Question One Before acquiring the IBM PC business unit, the number of women at Lenovo’ s senior management level was very high. After the acquisition, however, the percentage of women in senior management has declined tremendously due to the expanded international operation.

The number of women in senior positions in the acquired IBM business unit is very low as compared to the Chinese operation. Diversity at Lenovo (China) is not considered a main issue in the workforce. Furthermore, Lenovo (China) lack diversity management or equal opportunities programmes. A person should be competent and well-connected in order to get a senior management’ s job; therefore, men are inclined to be more connected as compared to women.

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