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The paper "The Australian Competition Commission" is a wonderful example of an assignment on macro and microeconomics.   The Fair Work Commission is a national tribunal that was formed to guide relations in the workplace. This is a body that is independent and it carries out a wide range of functions. This commission started its operations in the year 2009 1st July. This is a tribunal that took over all the functions of the Fair Work Australia (Stewart 2011). Other commissions that have been integrated into this tribunal include the industrial relations commission and the Australian fair pay commission.

It was formed under the Fair Work Act of 2009 in Australia. Its creation was aimed at regulating the labour market in Australia by putting the needs and interests of employees into consideration. The Act that led to the creation of this independent tribunal has a new system that ensures regulation in an attempt to create regulated industrial relations in the country. The states in Australia have the discretion to hand over some industrial relations to the commonwealth. However, if a state decides not to do so, all the employees are usually covered by the national Fair Work Act.

This Fair Work Commission is responsible for ensuring that employees work under the right working conditions without getting oppression from the employers. This has been made possible through the formulation of certain policies. Since the formation of this commission, all the states in Australia have referred all their powers to Commonwealth with the exception of Western Australia. The role of fair work commission in regulating the Australian labour market The major function of the Fair Work Commission is to regulate the labour market in Australia through the policies it formulates.

It ensures that these policies are adhered to by each institution in the country. It regulates and oversees that each employee works under favourable working conditions. It is through its roles and functions that the Fair Work Commission has managed to regulate the labour market in Australia. This paper looks at all the roles of the Fair Work Commission in Australia in relation to its labour market (Stewart 2011). .


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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