Essays on The Role Uncertainty Plays in Projects and in Risk Management Assignment

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The paper “ The Role Uncertainty Plays in Projects and in Risk Management” is a good variant of the assignment on management. From the video that is provided, there are the following two main points of view regarding the quality of a product or service that Steve Jobs mentions. Firstly, the quality of a product or service is an innate factor, and therefore, techniques like marketing or external validations are not as effective in establishing a product as a high-quality one. It is the experience of the consumers alone that will impact their impression about the product and their perception of its quality.

The second important point that Steve Jobs mentions in the interview is that quality is no longer an aspect related only to the manufacturing processes that a firm employs today. Instead, it exists throughout the supply chain and reaches out to the customer as well. In fact, for the products to be of really high quality, it is necessary that the product design and manufacturing process are in fact initiated at the customers, understanding exactly their needs and requirements and it is then adjusted backward so as to design the exact product and process through which the customers’ needs can be fulfilled. This video clearly signifies the approach that the company Apple is known for and has adopted for a large number of years.

All of its products are known to be high quality, not in terms of marketing or advertising, but in terms of customer usage and satisfaction. Additionally, the company is known for making products that are not only highly innovative but also for solving the implicit and explicit needs of the customers. Are there any similarities between what Steve Jobs says, and the way that project quality planning works? This approach of Steve Jobs is also corroborated by the academic literature as well.

For example, according to a definition of product quality provided by Ron Basu, quality is identified as the lasting experience that the user of a product or service experiences. However, from a project planning perspective, a greater focus of the project managers is on ensuring that the project activities are completed within time and within the budget-related constraints that are presented to it.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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