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Business Information Management What is service oriented architecture (SoA) and how it can be applied to the business organization of the future? How does SoA relate to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? SoA is a design pattern comprised of several distinct pieces of software and used for integrating various architectures. The main aim of this pattern is to support service-orientation by creating an enterprise-quality system (Liebhart, Welkenbach, & Schmutz, 2010). SoA is related to the ERP as it is a tool for developing software, and moreover, the SoA serves as a background of an ERP system.

Actually, SoA is recognized to be a facilitator to any ERP module (Service Oriented Architecture, 2011). 2. Define and describe intellectual property, copyright, Fair Use Doctrine, and pirated software Intellectual Property include the ideas (performances, images, words, sounds and other non-tangibles), that are the ownership of their creator or somebody else who has the rights for it. Even though intellectual property is mainly referred to non-tangibles, it is protected by law and usage of these ideas without an approval of the author/owner is illegal (Cushman, 2013). Copyright – is a legal right of owners of intellectual property to keep control over the way, terms and method on which other users can use it (distribute, reproduce, copy, etc. ) (Cushman, 2013). Fair Use Doctrine – is a doctrine found in the US copyright law, and imposing certain limitations on the rights of the owner/athour of a copyright (US Copyright Office, 2012). Pirated Software – is software attained by illegal way, whereas the owner/author of the software has not received the benefits/money for its usage.

It concerns both cases: improper licensing, and illegal sale or copying 3.

According to our text book, describe emerging trends of Near Field Communication, Bluetooth, Wifi, cell phones, and RFID. 4. Define computer crime and list three types of computer crime that can be perpetrated from inside and three from outside the organization. Computer crime can be defined as the use of computers for the perpetration of crimes as well as Illegal intrusions into computers (McQuade, 2014). The three types of computer crimes that can be perpetrated from inside the organization are: fraud, embezzlement, and cyber stalking. The three types of computer crimes that can be perpetrated from outside the organization are: virus attacks, identity theft, and hacking. 5.

Define digital forensics and describe the two phases of a forensic investigation. Describe what is meant by anti-forensics, and give an example of each of the three types. Digital forensics is a study, which focuses on the examination and analysis of electronic data from the Internet, digital devices and computers in order to investigate crimes (often computer crimes) (Volonino, 2013). The forensic investigation process is comprised of three major phases, which include: collecting, authenticating, and reserving of electronic evidence; and analysis of the findings.

Anti-forensics is an activity, which aims to make investigations and analysis of the electronic data/information/media more difficult; in other words, it is a process of avoiding detection. There are four types of anti-forensics: destroying evidence (for example, overwriting a file); hiding evidence (for example, renaming the files or placing files in unusual places which help to hide the evidence); eliminating evidence sources; counterfeiting evidence (for example, creating “faked” version of the evidence with a help of another persons’ account) (Harris, 2006).

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Copyright Office (2014). Fair Use. Copyright. gov. Retrieved 8 December 2014, from http: //www. copyright. gov/fls/fl102.html Volonino, L. (2013). Computer forensics. Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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